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If you're planning a move to America for work in the healthcare field, securing the right visa is crucial. The healthcare industry requires either an employment-based immigrant or non-immigrant visa. With various options at your disposal, it might be a bit confusing to figure out which one aligns best with your profession and situation.

At Health Carousel International (HCI), we believe that your journey to becoming a US RN should not be hindered by visa complexities. As your trusted ally, we provide expert guidance and comprehensive support throughout your entire visa journey.

Our Visa Strategy

Our experienced team will carefully assess your individual situation and identify the ideal visa option to achieve your legal US immigration in the fastest possible timeframe that complies with all regulations. Our process involves:

Evaluating your eligibility: We assess your qualifications to identify the most suitable visa option.

Simplifying the complexities: We break down the intricacies of visa applications into manageable steps, guiding you through every stage with clear instructions and unwavering support.

Ensuring compliance: We meticulously handle your paperwork and documentation, ensuring accuracy and adherence to the latest regulations.

Which Visa is Right for You?

Choosing the right visa depends on your unique situation. While there are several visas available, here are the most common ones we file:

EB-3 Visa

The EB-3 visa, also known as the Green Card visa, is a permanent residency visa for skilled workers requiring at least two years of training or experience. This type of visa maximizes a nurse’s chance at approval and is an excellent choice for nurses who desire to build a lasting career in the US. We typically file this visa for nurses.

Benefits of the EB-3 Visa:

Permanent residency: Unlike temporary visas, the EB-3 visa grants you permanent residency in the United States. This allows you to live, work, and enjoy the benefits of being a permanent US resident.

Pathway to citizenship: After holding an EB-3 visa for five years, you become eligible to apply for US citizenship.

Family sponsorship: Once you obtain your EB-3 visa, you can sponsor your spouse and children to immigrate to the US, allowing your eligible family members to join you in your new home.

TN Visa

The TN visa is a non-immigrant visa for Canadian and Mexican citizens who are professionals in certain fields, including nursing. This visa allows qualified professionals to work in the US for up to three years, with the possibility of renewal. We typically file this visa for qualified nurses who are citizens of Canada or Mexico.

Benefits of the TN Visa:

Faster processing times: Compared to the EB-3 visa, the TN visa typically has faster processing times, making it a quicker option to start working in the US.

Potential Path to Green Card: While not directly, a TN visa can be a pathway towards permanent residency through employer sponsorship, which HCI may be able to offer for eligible nurses in our program.

Spousal Visas: Spouses of TN visa holders can apply for TD visas, allowing them to work in the US.

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H-1B Visa

TH-1B visa is a temporary work visa designed for individuals in specialty occupations. This visa offers a flexible option to gain professional experience in the US for up to six years with potential extensions. While we primarily file EB-3 and TN visas for nurses to increase the chances for approval, we maintain the capacity to assist with H-1B visas on a case-by-case basis.

Benefits of the H-1B Visa:

Focus on career development: Gain valuable experience in US healthcare settings and enhance your skillset for future opportunities.

Potential for advancement: Demonstrate your skills and expertise, potentially leading to permanent residency or sponsorship from HCI.

Familiarity with US healthcare system: Immerse yourself in the US healthcare system and build valuable professional connections.

F-1 Student Visa

The F-1 Student visa is a non-immigrant visa designed for international students pursuing full-time academic programs in the United States. It offers an exciting opportunity to gain a quality education, experience American culture, and potentially lay the groundwork for a future career in the US healthcare system. While we do not sponsor the F-1 visa directly, exploring this option could lead to HCI sponsoring your EB-3 visa if you qualify.

Benefits of the F-1 Student Visa:

Pursue your academic goals: Earn a recognized degree from an accredited US institution, enhancing your qualifications and career prospects.

Explore career opportunities: Gain valuable insights into the US healthcare system through internships or volunteer experiences during the Optional Practice Training period.

Potential pathway to permanent residency: While the F-1 visa doesn't directly lead to permanent residency, it can be a steppingstone towards exploring other visa options for a future career in the US.

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