August 21, 2020

25,000 Green Cards for Globally-Trained RNs?

Highly-qualified registered nurses from around the globe are used to waiting to get a US EB-3 visa. Nurses from India, China, and the Philippines currently wait the longest. But now, owing to the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act, the wait could be dramatically shortened for as many as 25,000 globally-trained and US-qualified RNs.

What's the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act (HWRA)?

HWRA is a new US bill introduced on April 30, 2020, by a bipartisan (with both democrat and republican party support) group of five US Senators in response to the evidenced shortage of US healthcare workers amidst the coronavirus pandemic. HWRA would authorize the recapture of 25,000 immigrant visas for professional nurses and would allow these visas to be issued in order of the priority date, regardless of per-country limitations.If the HWRA becomes law, all nurses whose visa applications are currently retrogressed immediately become current. Likewise, any nurse whose I-140 is filed anytime before 90 days after President Trump's Emergency Declaration on COVID-19 is also expected to have a retrogression-free visa. Further, the legislation requests that USCIS and Embassies and Consulates expedite these petitions.PassportUSA will keep you informed as the bill moves along.

Take Action Now

  • If you're an experienced nurse with a US VISA PRIORITY DATE: If you've been abandoned by your original EB-3 visa sponsor, PassportUSA would like to speak with you on the process to recapture your original priority date.
  • If you're an experienced nurse with NCLEX and an ACTIVE or EXPIRED IELTS: Connect with us and we'll walk you through all the steps in the process towards an employment-based US visa.
  • If you have NCLEX, but have never taken IELTS: Get studying to pass IELTS or retake it right away. We have several resources on our website that can help, and once you've passed, we are here to be your US visa sponsor.
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