March 24, 2021

Four 2021 Changes That Improve Our Offer to Newly Contracted Nurses

PassportUSA is constantly seeking ways to improve our offering to global nurses. Sometimes we change a small thing like adding an extra $100 to the annual continuing education training allowance of each nurse.

However, the changes we're making below are BIG!

#1: Hourly Wage Rate Increased to $30 Per Hour

Regardless of wherever your US work assignment may be, the hourly rate you'll earn as a newly-contracted PassportUSA nurse arriving in the USA will not be less than $30 per hour. Top this off with time-and-a-half pay for overtime hours, a US arrival bonus, top-notch health insurance, and a retirement savings plan, and you'll have a class-leading compensation package.

#2: Assured Premium Visa Processing for Qualifying Nurses

This is a great enhancement that will ensure your Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker will be processed within 15 calendar days (or the processing fee is returned by USCIS) versus a typical timeframe of 5-6 months. This means you get your response back from USCIS quickly.To qualify for Premium Processing: 1) the priority date for your country of origin must be listed as current on the USCIS monthly visa bulletin; 2) you must have already passed NCLEX at the time of Form I-140 filing; 3) you must have a passing IELTS English language score and a filed VisaScreen application at the time of filing; and 4) you have current nursing work experience in a suitable setting such as an acute care hospital, dialysis center, or skilled nursing facility.

#3: Visa Filing Without a Valid IELTS Score

The path for an international nurse to make it to the USA most often proceeds in this order: 1) pass NCLEX; 2) pass IELTS; 3) proceed to visa filing. But months of waiting can be eliminated in this process by simply submitting the I-140 Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker without a valid IELTS score. That is exactly what we'll do for qualified nurses.To qualify for you must: 1) have already passed NCLEX; 2) have current nursing work experience in a suitable setting such as an acute care hospital, dialysis center, or skilled nursing facility; and 3) have demonstrated your plan to soon take IELTS or be enrolled in our ClarityEnglish "Road to IELTS" program. Plus, once IELTS is passed, we'll pay the premium visa application processing fee as described in #2 above.

#4: Referrals Worth Up to $2,500

This last enhancement is open to everyone, even if you’re not a nurse striving to make it to the USA. Introducing our Dream Team Rewards Program: help deliver the American Dream to your friends and family and receive a cash offering of up to $2,500 for you AND your referral! This is paid out in two installments. One is paid at the time of the visa filing and the second after the RN has completed six months of work in the USA. And now with our premium visa processing and visa filing without IELTS initiatives, you and your referral can cash in your reward sooner than ever! Separate bonus programs are also in place for referring recent nursing school grads living in the Philippines and RNs in Canada that qualify for a US TN visa.For full details and to submit your referrals, visit our website.The four big changes above are sure to bring a smile to the face of every newly contracted nurse entrusting us with their American dream! We hope our team will speak with you soon.

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