December 22, 2020

Interim Nurse Staffing: Averting Low Nurse Morale, Turnover, Patient Dissatisfaction and More

Finding the right nursing staff at the right time is a challenge for healthcare institutions across the country, from small rural hospitals to large health systems. Hospital leaders and chief nursing officers are faced with the daily challenge of ensuring that their facilities have optimal staffing to be able to provide the high quality care that patients need to get well and thrive.

In a recent live presentation hosted by the American Staffing Association, visionary nurse leader and healthcare innovator, Earl Dalton, scrutinized the problem of nurse understaffing and its many harmful consequences including medical errors, patient dissatisfaction, overwhelmed nurse managers, low ratings for the hospital, and low nurse morale and high turnover. Earl Dalton, Chief Nursing Officer of Health Carousel, presented “Flexible Staffing: Innovative Interim Solutions for Hospital Units,” a webinar on the problem of nurse understaffing in hospital units.

In the ASA-accredited presentation, Dalton discussed how hospital projections of staffing needs are often off the mark because they only look at real vacancy, the number of unfilled permanent staff positions, and overlook operational vacancy, the actual number of nurses available for scheduling when you add variables such as nurses on vacation, extended leave, and those who are in orientation and training to the equation.

Dalton also explored the pros and cons of solutions to understaffing including overtime, utilization of unlicensed assistive personnel (UAPs) and interim staffing. He presented the many benefits of partnering with interim staffing companies such as Health Carousel that can take on the responsibility of managing the entire nurse placement cycle. These companies consider the clinical as well as cultural needs of hospital units. They provide access to educated and skilled nurses who are fully prepared for the assignment and offer the flexibility of staffing to patient census. Their international nurses are willing to work in hard-to-staff hospitals. An added benefit is that many interim nurses are willing to accept permanent staff positions with the hospital.View the full presentation HERE: Flexible Staffing: Innovative Interim Solutions for Hospital UnitsNurse Leaders and Talent Acquisition Partners: the need to prepare your future workforce is critical, now more than ever. PassportUSA provides a temp-to-perm workforce solution with experienced, BSN-prepared nurses, physical therapists, and medical technologists. Click the CTA below to learn more.

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