August 11, 2021

PassportUSA: Career Partner for Life

Often considered the heroes of healthcare, nurses in America are one of the most admired, trusted, and respected professions in the country.

Not only are US nurses celebrated across the country, but their profession also offers endless opportunities for advancing education, career opportunities, and compensation. These limitless opportunities for any nurse can be both exciting and quite possibly a little overwhelming. That is why PassportUSA has created a Career Services program for our nurses who are nearing the end of their contracted assignment.

Post-Assignment Career Options

PassportUSA and the entire Health Carousel organization can help you achieve your personal and career objectives whatever they may be and wherever they may take you. We offer many services to help you realize a lifetime of career satisfaction:

Direct Employment at Assigned Facility: If you wish to stay on at your assignment location as a direct employee, we can help make that happen. Our account managers are in frequent communication with the nursing and human resources teams at all our client facility locations. We can champion your desire to become a direct employee at the facility.

Advance Team: Our client hospitals located in all 50 states have selected dozens of global nurses to join their team, but they need help now. You can fill a critical nursing position and can potentially precept the global RNs as they arrive to fill the gap! All the while you’ll earn great pay (travel nurse pay but without the traveling!) and help hospitals achieve a diverse nursing workforce – no contract needed & keep all your current PassportUSA benefits!  We have both 26- and 52-week assignments available.

Travel Nursing: For some nurses the thrill of travel fits the bill. Our network of three travel nursing companies can help match you to the best high-pay, short-term assignments across the USA.

With clients from coast-to-coast representing varied healthcare settings, Health Carousel can help you land an ideal position in your most desirable geographic location. We’ll even match nurse pay by location and experience, assist with relocation, and provide bonuses. Our clinical and account management teams can also champion a switch into your ideal nursing unit if you are not working there already.

There are so many reasons why Health Carousel is the employer of choice for the next chapter in your nursing career. Please reach out to your International Employee Supervisor directly if you would like to explore Health Carousel Career Services or for specific details on your estimated assignment end date.

Live the Possibilities

Wherever your American Dream takes you after completing your assignment with PassportUSA, our Alumni Network is always available to you. This exclusive Facebook Group provides a supportive network for all past PassportUSA employees as you continue to grow in your career. Being a member of this group not only gives you access to future scholarship opportunities, but also continued access to our expert clinical nursing team & the HealthStream module for FREE CEU credits. If you are a member of the PassportUSA program, you will receive an exclusive invite to this group near the end of your assignment.

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