May 22, 2020

PassportUSA Eases the Transition to US Nursing Practice

Nursing protocol differs around the world and through our partnership with ATI Nursing Education, PassportUSA nurses receive the additional education, interactive training and resources needed to be confident in their ability to provide skilled and safe nursing care in a rapidly changing U.S. healthcare system.Don't take our word for it. Here's what real PassportUSA nurses have to say about our program:

I just want to thank you and the PassportUSA team for enrolling me to the ATI Online Transition-to-Practice Program. This is a great review for me, and the topics and video clips shown in the Real Life Clinical Reasoning Scenarios are excellent. I enjoy every step of the modules. Overall, this is the best program.� - Marietas

It was indeed a tremendous learning experience that I have taken advantage of the ATI Online Transition-to-Practice Program. The course was very informative, and the concepts were also presented with practical life examples. I got a very supportive virtual coach as well. She was amazing. One thing that impressed me was the very thorough and clear schedule checklist. It guided me to finish the course very smoothly. Finally, having completed the training course made me confident to successfully make a transition to the United States Healthcare Delivery System.� - Bryiane

It was a challenging program and yet user-friendly. It has the right number of questions. The training served as a comprehensive review. It can accurately measure your weaknesses and strengths which in turn assist you in improving them. The rationale they gave was short and concise which I liked since long explanations can easily affect my attention span. It took me 2 weeks to finished all the modules. I always finish each module in a day. I strongly recommend this program since some of the topics they covered were not taught to us; not�common here in the local setting and they updated the old practices. It�can really help us in our transition to a U.S. practice as nurses.� - Jophen

ATI was a great online learning experience. It had interesting topics to study and learn. I was able to complete it in 17 days and it was actually about how much time you are willing to put into it. I will�recommend ATI because it will help refresh your memory on things that you may have forgotten and the rationales will help you understand the reason for the answer.� - MikaThat is why ATI is another great reason for why PassportUSA is a great agency to choose for your #AmericanDream. To get started with your American Dream, click on the button below.

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