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New Castle, Pennsylvania

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New Castle, Pennsylvania
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Hospital Overview

The healthcare provider is located in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Affiliated with a major regional healthcare provider, the facility offers some of the best care in the area. The services available by the provider range from skilled nursing to specialty care, such as rehabilitation, physical therapy, and other needs.

Community Overview

New Castle is a city (town) of 21,926 people near the Pittsburgh and Ohio border. The city nicknamed itself “Little New York City” for its diversity in “rich ethnic, religious, and racial diversity.” Less than an hour from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and within an hour from Cleveland, Ohio, New Castle offers a small-town feel with big-city fun. Lively events such as “Back to the 50s” and various holiday celebrations make it a welcoming, enjoyable place to visit and live. New Castle is also known as the “Firework Capital of the World” thanks to its series of ongoing firework displays and the Firework Festival event during the summer months. 

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Cost of Living

The cost of living for New Castle residents is excellent and is 8.6% lower than the national average. Housing is one of the lowest costs in the city, though groceries, healthcare, and transportation are also relatively low. The average price for a 1-bedroom in New Castle is $630. However, rent varies; this is only an average.

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New Castle features the New Castle Area School District, which consists of 1 elementary school and 1 combination middle school/high school. The district also features an early learning center for Pre-K education. A small but dedicated district, it features the best technology for its students and teachers, including gigabit internet. Students also receive a laptop to help with their schoolwork. 

A smaller district, Laurel School District, is also in New Castle. Laurel School District features 1 elementary school and 1 combination middle/school. Your address within New Castle determines which school district your child attends; however, both are good school systems.

The New Castle Public Library is a great educational resource for the area, with numerous books for all ages, plus a huge media catalog. Residents of Pennsylvania can also sign up for the premier Pittsburgh library system, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, which offers 19 branch locations to browse and a thorough digital catalog. 

Various youth programs in the community


New Castle offers a great bus system with 15 routes to get around town, plus a direct route to nearby Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The city also has rideshare services like Lyft, Uber, and taxi-for-hire. The nearest airport is the Pittsburgh International Airport, which offers 135 nonstop flights to destinations throughout the United States, plus several international spots. The airport features 15 airline carriers, making getting where you need to go easy.  

Daily Driving in New Castle 
  • The average commute in New Castle is 19.8 minutes, one of the shortest commutes in the state, and less than the national average of 26.8 minutes
  • 79.8% of commuters drive their own vehicle

Nearby Cities

New Castle is located between Cleveland, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,  making it a great place to embark on short day trips for arts, culture, history, and sports. 

Youngstown, Ohio - New Castle is only 28 minutes away via a 19-mile / 31 KM drive, mostly along highway US-422. Youngstown is the 11th-largest city in Ohio, offering a downtown area rich with things to do. The city features a great art museum, the Butler Institute of American Art, which includes works for famed artists like Norman Rockwell. You’ll also find the Oh WOW Children’s Center for Science & Technology Center. You can learn about science, math, engineering, and nature in this fun interactive space across 13 galleries of 60 exhibits. Youngstown State University is a great educational destination, with the free McDonough Museum of Art and a venue, DeYor Performing Arts Center, which hosts both student performances and traveling performers for comedy, music, and theater. Other performing arts spaces in Youngstown include the Covelli Center and Stambaugh Auditorium. With a symphony and playhouse, Youngstown offers too much entertainment to list. 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh awaits less than an hour from New Castle via Interstate I-79 South. The drive is pleasant and only 52.8 miles / 84.97 KM. A sports lover’s paradise, the city is home to professional hockey, baseball, and football teams, so you can always find a good match or game to watch. The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium is one of the few combination zoo and aquarium facilities in the United States. Here you’ll see a range of creatures from land and sea, with over 8,000 animals in total. As the home of multiple movie and TV projects, including Flashdance, Jack Reacher, and the Dark Knight Rises, Pittsburgh features several tours where you can see famous shooting locations. Pittsburgh also offers many free things to do, such as the Frick Art and Historical Center, Car and Carriage Museum, and the Miller Institute for Public Art. 

Cleveland, Ohio - Just 1 hour and 40 minutes away, Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the Midwest’s best cities. It’s a straight shot from New Castle via Interstate 80 West and only 106 miles / 17.59 KM. Cleveland’s well-regarded museums include the Cleveland Museum of Modern Art, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and the Cleveland Museum of Art. The city also features the Great Lakes Science Center and the Cleveland Aquarium. Music lovers can’t miss one of the most famous museums in the world, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a huge space dedicated to music history with artifacts, exhibits, and memorabilia. Musicians showcased at the Hall span from Elvis to the Beatles to Fleetwood Mac, so you never know what you’ll find. You might also want to watch a Cleveland Monsters ice hockey game or catch the Browns, Cavaliers, or Guardians when they play. Just a few minutes from Downtown Cleveland is the beach on Lake Erie. Sit on the sand, watch the gulls fly overhead, or dip your toes in the water.

Local and Nearby Attractions

New Castle and Lawrence County have all of the shopping and entertainment destinations you need. 

Shopping for groceries is easy with the availability of grocery stores in New Castle, with options such as Giant Eagle, Save a Lot, Whole Foods, and Aldi. General merchandise stores such as Walmart, Family Dollar, and Big Lots offer household goods, pet supplies, and other items for easy one-stop shopping. The area boasts charming specialty local shops for a variety of items, including gifts, clothing, and home decor. Nearby Grove City Premium Outlets features bargains on name brands such as GAP, Torrid, and Under Armour. 

New Castle was the site of the first Warner Brothers movie theater in the United States, and today, the city continues to offer great entertainment. Located downtown, the theater offers screenings of classic productions but also features a museum with various exhibits about Warner's history. For new movies, New Castle has the Westgate Cinemas. Theater lovers need not worry, New Castle Playhouse presents musicals for both children and adults, plus dramatic plays with stellar performances, each season running from April to December. The Hoyt Art Center offers a chance to appreciate art as well as make it, thanks to its exhibits and classes. 

If you want to spend time in the great outdoors, this corner of Pennsylvania is the perfect place. Cascade Park is a popular spot and is a lush green park in New Castle with a waterfall, hiking trails, and a fishing lake. Created by glacial melting thousands of years ago, McConnells Mill State Park is a short drive from New Castle and one of the state's best parks. The park has a historic mill to tour, plus whitewater boating, hiking, and rock climbing activities Freedom Falls also stands not far from New Castle either, welcoming guests to its majestic 20-foot waterfall.

Religious Centers

One can find information on religious communities in the United States through:

  • Religious websites or directories: Church Finder and Church Angel
  • Social media groups or pages dedicated to a particular religion or city
  • Local community centers or mosques/temples/churches
  • Online forums or discussion groups
  • Ask for recommendations from friends or acquaintances who live in the area
  • Community event listings or local news websites


New Castle has a humid continental climate. Residents experience warm summers and cold winters; however, neither season is extreme. The warmest month for New Castle is July, while the coldest month is January. With an annual rainfall of 41 inches / 1041.1 mm, its precipitation levels are slightly higher than the national average. As for snowfall, New Castle typically sees 35 inches/889 MM of snow.

Average New Castle Temperatures
  • Annual: 19ºF to 83ºF / -7ºC  to 28.3.ºC
  • December: Low of 25ºF/-4C  and High of 39°F /4ºC  
  • July: Low of 62ºF/16.6ºC and High of 83ºF /28.3º C

Crime Rate

New Castle is safe for families, and its crime rate is average for a city its size. 

  • Police Department
  • Safest neighborhoods: Sunset Valley, New Castle Northwest, Coaltown, Cottage Grove, Grant City

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