Covid-19 Updates

Ensuring the safety of our working healthcare professionals and the patients they treat.

PassportUSA CNO: COVID-19 Updates

"I would like to take a minute to tell you how incredibly inspired I am with each of you who are braving the front lines of patient care during these unprecedented times. In fact, you continue to amaze everyone at our company. Nursing stands where it always has, by the patient’s side no matter the condition or disease process. Nursing is built on over a century of collective wisdom and science. We call upon all of that in these difficult times.

Here at Health Carousel we are encouraged and humbled by the incredible work of our nurses and the patients you care for. We are working hard to the best of our ability to support your efforts to keep you and your patients safe through:

A new HealthStream COV-19 learning bundle

Consistent information and updates relevant to you while on assignment

A personalized, professional, 24/7 support team that can answer your questions and flex to your specific needs

We are in constant communication with our hospital partners and would like to thank them for executing on strategies to bring more nurses to the front lines to support you in patient care.We want to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to me with anything you might require to do your best work, and to stay safe and healthy.On behalf of our entire company, thank you for the work you do. We are working hard to support you!


Earl Dalton
Chief Nursing Officer"

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