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Orangeburg, South Carolina

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Orangeburg, South Carolina
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Trauma Center
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The healthcare provider is located in Orangeburg, South Carolina. An esteemed facility for quality care, the provider has been a part of the community for over 50 years. Today it features over 100 physicians and 22 medical practices for comprehensive, state-of-the-art care. Services available include emergency care, women's health, and stroke care. The Joint Commission and other notable groups of distinction have recognized the facility.

Community Overview

Orangeburg is a city (town) of around 13,240 people in South Carolina. Its nicknamed "The Garden City" and is known for the Orangeburg Festival of Roses, an event attended by nearly 40,000 people. The area is alive with natural beauty, mainly thanks to the beautiful Edisto Memorial Gardens. In addition to its natural beauty, Orangeburg is a great place to live due to its shopping offerings, cultural events, and historic charm. It's also well-positioned from other great cities in South Carolina, including the state capitol, Columbia. 

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Cost of Living

The cost of living for Orangeburg is considerably lower than both the state and national average. Housing, groceries, healthcare, and transportation are the most affordable costs. The market trends show an average of $825-$875 a month for a 1-bedroom in Orangeburg, and costs for housing have decreased slightly over the last few years. Apartment prices vary based on the property's location, amenities, features, and size. 

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Orangeburg's public schools are run by the Orangeburg County School District (OCSD). The district has 16 elementary schools, 9 middle schools, and 8 high schools. The district strives for a world-class education for its students, with specialized programs, creative learning opportunities, and dedication to meeting students where they are. Its focus is to address not just the education of its students but also be a champion of students' mental health and well-being. 

Throughout the district are schools of distinction. One of the standout schools for the district is the OCSD High School for Health Professionals, a charter school for students interested in the health profession which boasts an impressive 100% graduation rate. U.S. News and World Report's Best U.S. High Schools recognizes OCSD High School for Health Professionals and the district's other high schools for their excellence. The district also won several awards for performance from the South Carolina Department of Education. 

There are 10 private schools in Orangeburg.

Orangeburg County Library is the public library system and is an excellent source of education within the community. It features a solid catalog of ebooks, audiobooks, and books to check out. The library also offers events for children and adults throughout the year. 

Various youth programs in the community


Getting around Orangeburg is easy, as the city features public transportation, as well as rideshare and taxi service. The Cross County Connection connects Orangeburg to the nearby city of St. Matthews, serving both cities' downtown areas. Part of the service is the Downtown Circulator, a fixed-route system with quick, direct access to government buildings, healthcare providers, and shopping destinations. The Circulator runs every hour and costs $1 fare each way.

Orangeburg is 35.2 miles/56.48 KM away from the nearest airport, Columbia Airport (CAE). The airport features nonstop flights to 9 cities and 10 airports throughout the United States, with over 36 daily flights. 

Daily Driving in Orangeburg
  • The average commute in Orangeburg is 18.9 minutes, a much shorter commute than the national average of 26.4 minutes.
  • 79.2% of commuters drive their own vehicle

Nearby Cities

The city sits within a short drive from several great South Carolina cities, with Orangeburg's location being a perfect jumping-off point for exploring the state. 

Cayce, South Carolina - Only a 40-minute drive via Interstate 26-West, Cayce sits 38.1 miles/61.31 KM from Orangeburg.  Start your visit to this quaint historic town with a stroll along its riverwalk which overlooks the Conagree River. The Riverwalk spans 12 miles/19.3 kilometers, offering great views of the water and Columbia, South Carolina, which sits across the river. Don't miss the Cayce River Arts District or the Cayce Historical Museum, as both offer an inspiring look into the area through artwork and artifacts. One of the best exhibits is the Cayce Historical Museum's collection of Native American artifacts, an impressive collection of over 8,000 pieces, with pottery, arrowheads, jewelry, and clothing on display. 

Columbia, South Carolina - The capital of South Carolina, Columbia, is located only 35 miles from Orangeburg, or 50 minutes. Columbia's arts and culture neighborhood, The Vista, offers a variety of attractions within 48 historic blocks. Some of the best institutions within the state call this area home, with highly-rated destinations for art, live performances, and history. You could spend all day at the South Carolina State Museum alone, as it offers a digital dome planetarium, 4D theater, and 4 floors of exhibits with 70,000 artifacts to see. The museum takes visitors through 4 areas of South Carolina history with 70,000 artifacts and informative displays illustrating the state's legacy. The Koger Center for the Arts is where you'll find some of the country's top touring musicians, traveling stage productions, and local theatre. As a beacon for the arts, the Koger hosts performances by the Columbia City Ballet, The South Carolina Philharmonic, and the Columbia Classical Ballet. Other attractions in Columbia include the EdVenture Children's Museum and the Columbia Museum of Art. You will also find Frankie's Fun Park, an indoor and outdoor complex with mini-golf, batting cages, an arcade, and laser tag.

Sumter, South Carolina - One of the largest cities in South Carolina, Sumter, is around 1 hour and 13 minutes from Orangeburg. You can reach it after 57 miles/91.73 KM on Highway US-601 N. The city is rich in history and heritage, with several attractions. Try the Sumter County Museum, a collection of 4 mini-museums, each with a particular focus. You'll see exhibits of period furniture, the local military history, and notable people from Sumter. No matter the season, you'll also enjoy a stroll through the Swan Lake Iris Gardens, the only United States garden that features 8 species of swan and plantings of Japanese Iris. There's a butterfly, rose, and azalea garden among the offerings here. Best of all, the gardens are decked out in thousands of twinkling lights each Christmas.

Local and Nearby Attractions

Orangeburg's shopping options are vast. Shopping destinations include a traditional mall and a variety of stores, both from national retailers and local vendors. One-of-a-kind goods and specialty wares are on display at the Five Rivers Market, a sprawling market with over 40 vendors in one convenient shopping stop. You'll find artisan pieces, specialty food, gifts, home decor, and knick-knacks at the market. For items for your home, office, or pantry, there's Walmart and T.J. Maxx. Grocery stores within the city include Food Lion, Aldi, Lidl, and Piggly Wiggly. 

Arts and culture are a strong part of Orangeburg's identity, and the city cultivates a rich selection of options for any interest. From exploring art to searching through the wonders of space, the I.P. Stanback Museum & Planetarium is one of the most diverse museums in the state. Its exhibits include African art collections, paintings, photographs, meteors, and gemstones.  The museum also houses a NASA planetarium where you can see enthralling shows about the starry skies. Orangeburg also has a solid theatre scene thanks to the long-running Orangeburg Part-Time Players, who have presented entertaining plays and musicals at the historic Blue Bird Theatre for 40 years. The Blue Bird hosts their shows and other live entertainment, including comedians, traveling musicians, and other performances. An arts education is also the goal of the Orangeburg Fine Arts Center, a crucial resource for art for all ages. The center works with the local school district and the community to offer various programs throughout the year. 

Orangeburg is nicknamed "Garden City," you will quickly see why. The idyllic settings of the city include the Edisto Memorial Gardens, a 175-acre site along the Edisto River. One of Orangeburg's prettiest spots, the gardens are full of nearly 80 beds of award-winning roses, with some 4,800 roses in total. There's also a playground, azalea plantings, a serenity garden, sensory garden, and a butterfly garden. You can walk the 2,600-foot boardwalk through a Cypress wetland. Nestled along Lake Marion and just 30 minutes from Orangeburg is Santee State Park. Swimming, hiking, picnicking, and birdwatching are just a few activities you can enjoy at the 2,500-acre park. Enjoy one of the 8 playgrounds within Orangeburg's city parks if you want to stay closer to home.

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Orangeburg features a humid subtropical climate, which typically means hot, humid summers and mild winters. The coldest temperatures arrive in January, and July is the hottest month. Orangeburg's wettest month is August, with an average of 4.3 inches/109.22MM of rain. The overall rain average for the city is 47 inches/1193 MM. 

Average Orangeburg Temperatures
  • Annual: 37ºF to 91ºF /2.77ºC  to 32.77ºC
  • December: Low of 34ºF/1.11ºC  and High of 57°F /13.89ºC  
  • July: Low of 71ºF/21.66ºC and High of 90ºF/32.22º C

Crime Rate

Orangeburg is safe for families and visitors. 

  • Police Department
  • Safest neighborhoods: Orangeburg West, Edisto, Orangeburg Northwest, City Center, Brookdale

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