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Virginia has several client healthcare facilities throughout the state. Each healthcare facility offers varied services, and some may offer specialty medicine. The providers have often been recognized for their commitment to care, especially in certain medical fields, such as surgery or cardiac care.

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Virginia is located in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The capital of Virginia is Richmond and the state is known as the "Mother of States" because it was one of the original 13 colonies. More than 8 million people live in Virginia and it's the 12th most populous in the country. Virginia's climate can be mild to humid, especially as you go further down south in the state. Virginia regularly has winters with snow accumulation ranging from 31 to 52 inches each year.

Virginia's state bird is the Northern Cardinal. Female cardinals are pale brown with a reddish tint, and male cardinals are bright red all over with a black mask around the face. Unlike other birds in Virginia, they don't migrate so you can see them year-round.

The state flower and state tree is the Flowering dogwood, a tree that blooms in spring with large flowers and with red berries in the autumn. "Thus always to tyrants" is the official state motto and appears on the official state seal, which was designed by George Wythe, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

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Virginia's attractions are the reason over 40 million people visit the state every year. It's the center of much of our nation's history, especially as the home of Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in the United States.

Colonial Williamsburg in Williamsburg, Virginia is one of the biggest attractions in the state and actually consists of 3 museums. The DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum is known for having the world's largest collection of Southern furniture, plus offers exhibits on British ceramics. The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum is also at Colonial Williamsburg and features folk art with paintings, sculptures, and other mediums. Last but not least at Colonial Williamsburg, is the Living History Museum, where costumed actors depict life as it was in the 18th century. This historic area also lets you partake in activities and tour restored buildings.

Portsmouth, Virginia is the home of award-winning The Children's Museum of Virginia and it offers a variety of activities for children ages 1 to 11. This hands-on interactive center encourages learning with kid-sized play banks, grocery stores, ship ports, and a vet clinic with fun exhibits. The museum is also home to the Beazley Planetarium, which screens space-themed inside a digital dome. Children can also see toy trains, make art, and explore the worlds of energy at the Children's Museum of Virginia.

Known as the "Mile of Style," Carytown in Richmond, Virginia has great shopping for clothing, gifts, children's items, toys, books, and other goods. It's a walkable downtown perfect for browsing for hours. Also located in the Carytown shopping district is the Byrd, a grand theatre dating back more than 90 years. The Byrd screens classic movies, family films, and offers film-themed events. Spend the day strolling through the various local shops, then cap your day off with a movie.

Fredericksburg, Virginia's National Historic District dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, many of those buildings still stand, and you can see them as you visit some of the more than 100 local shops, boutiques, and stores in the downtown area. Stores here range in specialties but include clothing, gifts, made-in-Virginia items, and country goods. There's also an Antique Row, 4 blocks of antique shops for those looking for one-of-a-kind and retro pieces.

One of the oldest pedestrian malls in the country, The Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia is a shopping district made up of more than 120 shops. Many of the shops are in historic buildings that date back hundreds of years and have been lovingly restored. Shops in the Downtown Mall offer goods, shoes, clothing, jewelry, and all sorts of gifts. There's a couple of bookstores for the reader, and even a 1950's-themed soda fountain with ice cream, malts, and homemade donuts. Over 30 restaurants, bistros and cafes are also here, making it a delightful place to spend a few hours. Grab a treat and stroll down the lanes with your new purchases, then see a movie or show at the Paramount Theater.

There are multiple Filipino restaurants located in Virginia and Bistro 1521 is one of the standouts. Located in Arlington, Virginia, Bistro 1521 offers a selection of delicious dishes from the Philippines, including traditional dishes, street food, and communal Kamayan-style feasts. An all-day menu and weekly lunch deals are just a few great choices from their menu. The restaurant offers authentic Filipino dining in a chic industrial space.

Waterman's Surfside Grille in Virginia Beach, Virginia serves up fresh seafood daily. Nestled on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, this spot dates back to the 1950s and is a local favorite. The menu includes the area's famous Chesapeake blue crabs, as well as shrimp, boiled or fried fish, and non-seafood dishes. When the weather is pleasant, the windows in the oceanfront dining room let in gentle breezes off the water. An outdoor patio right on the boardwalk lets you enjoy the sights and sounds of Virginia Beach while you eat. After a day placing on the beach, there's no better way to enjoy your night than with a meal of fresh seafood at Waterman's.

Biscuits may be in the name of the small restaurant that is Handsome Biscuit in Norfolk, Virginia, but it's what you put on them that counts. The handmade biscuits are made of sweet potato and form the basis of the more than 10 sandwiches available. Menu items include The Shorty, an egg and cheddar sandwich, or the Stevie, which features fried chicken, pickles, whole grain mustard, and honey. Optional sides of waffle fries and hash browns are also available. Southern Living named the spot one of the best places for breakfast in the South, and over 1,000 Google reviewers agree.

Whether it's Virginia's sea, rail, road, or air transportation you're interested in, the Virginia Museum of Transportation has an exhibit that will enthrall you. This museum in Roanoke, Virginia has a collection of over 2,500 objects including automobiles, railroad cars, aircraft, and models. There's even an incredibly-detailed one-quarter-inch scale model of an old-time circus train, complete with hand-sewn tents, 90 wagons, and hundreds of people. Throughout the year, the museum offers special events where you can ride a real train.

Visiting Grayson Highlands State Park in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia will let you see an uncommon sight in most state parks: wild ponies. In 1975, the U.S. park service released wild ponies into the park to help control the growth of the brush, and now over 100 wild ponies call the park home. Said to be "semi-wild," many of the ponies won't run from humans who encounter them on a walk and have been known to beg for food. The park spans nearly 5,000 miles with 13 trails available to see the ponies, waterfalls, and scenic overlooks. Guided events for families include pony hikes, canoeing trips, kayaking, and nature programs. Grayson Highlands also has 10 miles of wild trout streams to fish.

Cumberland, Virginia features the Cumberland State Forest and is where you'll find Bear Creek Lake State Park. This 40-acre lake offers a swimming beach, fishing pier, and other amenities for families to have a great day out. Try getting a bullseye at the park's archery range, or fish for largemouth bass, crappie, bream and channel catfish in the lake. Bear Creek Lake State Park has canoes, rowboats, trolling motors, paddleboats, paddleboard, and kayaks available for rent, so you can have fun in the water for hours. A playground, picnic facilities, and several hiking trails add to the fun.

Natural Tunnel, a cave carved naturally through limestone over thousands of years, is the main attraction at Natural Tunnel State Park in Duffield, Virginia. Called the "8th Wonder of the World," the cave is more than 850 feet long and 10 stories high, acting as a railroad tunnel for trains passing through the park. Visitors to the park can receive a guided cave tour and walk or take a chairlift to the tunnel floor. While in the cave, be sure to notice the fossils embedded in the limestone walls. The park features 7 trails of varying difficulty for hiking, walking, or biking. In the warmer months, the wildflowers are brilliantly in bloom, and the park offers 5,400-square-foot complete with 100-foot water slide. Other fun activities include visiting the historic Wilderness Blockhouse, attending the park's nature programs, and boating.

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Virginia is one of the safest states in the United States, ranked the 6th safest state by U.S. News and World Report. Across the board, crime in Virginia is some of the lowest, and several of Virginia's cities are among the safest in the country.

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