Prepare for the NCLEX with best-in-class resources

Any dream worth having requires hard work and dedication.

The same goes for achieving the dream of becoming a healthcare professional in the United States. When you decide to embark on this life-changing journey, one of the first hurdles to clear is passing the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX.

Health Carousel International (HCI), a force for the ethical recruitment of global healthcare professionals, stands out in our industry because of our commitment to helping you study for and pass the NCLEX — a benefit that other recruitment organizations can’t claim, as many agencies won’t consider spending time with candidates until after they have passed the examination. HCI, through the PassportUSA program provides free NCLEX preparation resources, administers practice exams, and covers the cost of test registration.

It’s just another way HCI helps make your American dream a reality, because we believe that money should not get in the way of your destiny. The NCLEX cost includes an approximate one-time $200 registration fee, plus a $150 international scheduling fee and additional U.S. state Board of Nursing application fees. We alleviate the stress and worry from the equation by covering the cost of these fees on your behalf. Factor in the complimentary, best-in-class preparation resources, and it equals a high correlation to success.

How We Support You

Our Top Priority

The NCLEX is an investment in your American dream: You cannot work as a nurse in the United States without passing this test. But once you’ve passed, you are eligible to apply for work in any state. Additionally, your results never expire. Preparing for this exam should be your top priority as we begin our partnership.

Studies show that taking the NCLEX as soon as possible after graduating from nursing school increases the odds of a successful result. Thankfully, the PassportUSA program has a collection of resources and study materials can help you adequately prepare for the exam, no matter how long it’s been since you received your diploma.

Once your exam is scheduled, HCI continues to provide support and training materials for use right up until test day to ensure your success. We take pride in the accomplishments of our amazing applicants, and we look forward to helping you achieve your American dream!

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