Clinical Training Program - Testimonials

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As part of Passport USA and Health Carousel's commitment, we provide our nurses clinical simulation-based training because we value our nurses' ongoing professional advancement and believes that this coursework will enhance their transition to practice in the U.S.Congratulations to these wonderful Nurses for successfully completing your training! You are now ready to transition to U.S. Healthcare environment!Here's what our dedicated Nurses have to say about the Clinical Program Training:

Jerone, USRN -� "The medical and surgical is the most beneficial. It help me refreshed some topic that i already forgot. After taking that topic i feel more confident to work in that area. I strongly believe that all the lessons I took in the training will be helpful because they gave scenarios that is applicable in the US settings. I find the system user friendly. The instruction were given clearly and the words they use are not hard to understand."�
Emma Grace, USRN - "I think, topics about medication administration benefit me the most. Since I work in an area where I seldom give medications, it is always good to have refresher courses like these. Same is true with customer service, as healthcare providers, we always deal with people, patients and their families and it is an important skill to communicate to them in the most professional way possible at all times. I can always come back to these topics whenever I need to. Topics are standard based and I am looking forward to be using it again in the future. I find it easy to use and the audios have good quality as well. "
Jess, USRN - "The updates in nursing practice that were included in the courses were just fit and helped quite a lot in maintaining my knowledge up to date especially in the US setting. The subjects that were put together were systematically placed and included the most crucial topics and updates. The Training highlighted the pertinent parts to easily learn them. On the whole, everything I learned is definitely essential when one transitions to a setting that is relatively unfamiliar.The program was very easy to use and the best part was the courses were time-guided and fit my schedule."
Emily, USRN - "I think the subject most beneficial to me is the review of system which helped me enhance my knowledge. The review of medication computation has been very helpful as well. Dealing with clients and customer service is an essential part of service oriented work which I think will be valuable in my transition to US. The simulation-based training was user friendly and took my interest much with its various approach in teaching.�
Jessica Marie, USRN - "MS subjects were very helpful for us nurses since we work with doctors and other health professionals to administer medicine to patients, monitor their progress, and educate their families on how to manage the patient's illness. The subjects are very helpful and it refreshed our memory in the nursing process. We work with doctors and other health professionals to administer medicine to patients, monitor their progress, and educate their families on how to manage the patient's illness. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it to be extremely valuable in re-energizing my interest in nursing. It was informative and educational."
Junn Ross, USRN - "Yes, there are some non-required but somehow related to nursing like those customer services subjects are beneficial, aside of course from the essential nursing subjects like dysrythmias, general concepts in nursing procedures, documentation, assessment, etc. The simulation-based training helped me have a general and specific overviews of how U.S. clinical settings are, since it's very different where I work here in the PH. Some of the subjects and modules are very interactive having animations and things like that, it makes the studying less boring."
July 15, 2019
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