Accomodating and patient - Nurse Ma Rijesa

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I started joining Health Carousel in August 2017. I took the NCLEX exam last June 20, 2018. My application was smooth and hassle-free with the help of Health Carousel and I pass Processing. All the staffs who assisted me from start to finish were all accommodating and patient in assisting the completion of my requirements. I have to commend Health Carousel and I pass Processing who diligently helped me prepare for NCLEX. They monitor my performance and they make sure I am doing well while preparing for the exam.For the last 45 days I treated studying as if it were my full-time job, I set goals each day in order to finish certain topics. I created a timeline for my review and I make sure I'm able to finish one set of 75-item exam per day. For me, taking practice tests over and over was very helpful.My NCLEX experience was very challenging. I felt I went through that exam guessing many questions. I took 5 hours and a half to finish my exam and every time I'd see a SATA question I would get really excited because I was thinking I must be doing good since they're giving me harder questions.Health Carousel has been so generous to their applicants. Words are certainly not enough to express how thankful I am for the opportunity that Health Carousel had given me. I will be forever grateful to Health Carousel for giving me the chance to become part of the Aspire Program. Thank you so much for the support in making my goals turn into a reality.To my fellow nurses, do whatever measures it takes to help you focus. NCLEX is probably the most challenging step towards becoming a USRN. Start preparing for the NCLEX long before the actual exam. Set realistic goals that motivate you and make an action plan with deadlines. Keep up your momentum and maintain a good study habit. Lastly, trust the process and believe in yourself that you can pass NCLEX.

July 25, 2019
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