Proud USRN Aileen Excited For Her Family's Bright Future

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Passing the NCLEX exam proves that you're committed to achieving your #AmericanDream. The next step is finding a reputable agency to help secure your employment-based U.S. immigrant visa or recapture your existing priority date.PassportUSA has expertly handled thousands of international nurse immigration cases. The PassportUSA Achieve program offers immigration filing services and test preparation resources to help you pass IELTS.Here's Aileen's story of how the PassportUSA Achieve program helped her attain her EB-3 visa and a nursing career in the USA.

Aileen's Opportunistic USRN Career

Meet Aileen, she joined the PassportUSA Achieve program and has been working as a USRN in Georgia since March 2018. When we spoke with Aileen regarding her experiences here is what she shared:

How did you hear about the Achieve program?

"When I passed my NCLEX in 2011, I searched online for agencies and found PassportUSA/Health Carousel. One of my closest friends told me to apply to the PassportUSA program. So from researching on the internet and through word-of-mouth recommendations, I discovered the program."

What made you decide to join the Achieve program?

"Upon seeing the Facebook advertisements and looking at the PassportUSA website, I read good feedback on there and when I talked with Vice President Nyra over the phone from Health Carousel Philippines, my prayers were answered. She gave me all of the answers that I needed to hear and reassured me that I'd be in good hands."

Did you already pass IELTS when you joined Achieve?

"When I joined, I already had a valid passing IELTS score. PassportUSA helped me obtain my VisaScreen before my IELTS score expired. However, I do know that PassportUSA will help nurses pass their IELTS when they join the Achieve program, which is a huge help."

What kind of training did you utilize to pass IELTS?

"I enrolled in an-person class, and did online review, and I talked to myself and my family in English. It really helped me to pass the IELTS on my first try. The PassportUSA Achieve program offers complimentary IELTS study resources for those who need to pass IELTS."

What training did you utilize to pass NCLEX?

"I attended an in-person class for NCLEX as well, and I subscribed to a test review website. I took many practice tests and reviewed the answers to prepare."

Would you recommend other nurses to sign up for Achieve right away?

"Yes definitely! I've been telling my friends in the Philippines who are interested in coming to the U.S. to pass their NCLEX, and check out the PassportUSA Achieve program because PassportUSA will be able to help you with the visa processing. PassportUSA is always wonderful and willing to help nurses."

How did you feel the response time was for your inquiries regarding the program?

"Oh my goodness, it was very fast! When they asked for required documents, I gave them what they needed right away. They always updated me about my application. it's important to comply and respond back to them promptly so everyone stays organized with what they need from each other. Working hand-in-hand helps the process."

Do you know anyone else in the program?

"At my current U.S. facility, there are at least 15 PassportUSA RNs working here with me."

What/who inspired you to pursue your American Dream?

"My family inspired me to pursue our American dream. I wanted to help my family because there are a lot of opportunities here like education for my children. By working here, I am able to support my mom back in the Philippines."

How has your and your family’s life changed for the better now that you’ve been working as a US nurse?

"Now that I've been working as a USRN for a while, I feel safe and thankful here. I am very thankful that my children are scholars in their schools and that they receive very good education and with this, it brings them a better future. We like traveling and have been to other states such as Washington, Virginia, California, and New York."

What do you hope to accomplish in your US nursing career and personal life within 5 years?

"My plan within 5 years is to become an ICU nurse. I am currently in med-surg and want to expand my knowledge and abilities. I also plan to purchase a house for my family because that is a part of our #AmericanDream."

Are there any certifications/units of interest to you?

"I am working on my med-surg specialty certification. Of course if I become an ICU nurse, I want to obtain my critical care nurse certification. I would eventually like to pursue my Master of Science in Nursing degree someday soon too."

Who do you want to thank for encouraging you to join the Achieve program and why?

"I want to thank my friend Chris. If he didn't refer me to the PassportUSA program, my family would not be here. I also want to thank Nyra for interviewing me. She really showed me this program and gave me the answers and the encouragement I needed to take the leap to become a USRN."

What are 3 traits of yours that make you a good US nurse?

"My patients and coworkers tell me I have so many positive qualities. First, I am hard working. Second, I am flexible by being available when my coworkers or other units need help. Thirdly, I am patient and I listen to the patients' needs. I recall a cancer patient i had and she was so happy and appreciative that I was accommodating to her by just being patient."

Who/what motivates you currently to continue being a spectacular US nurse?

"My family, my mother, and my patients continue to motivate me. When my patients thank me, it makes me so proud. It makes a big difference to my day even it's a simple thank you."

Do you have any friends/colleagues that are waiting to come to the USA?

"Yes, I know three people who are currently working on passing their NCLEX. They are all working with Health Carousel Philippines."

What advice do you have for candidates that are thinking about joining the program?

"I advise others to grab the opportunity, because PassportUSA is the best agency in the market. They are prompt, professional, and very knowledgeable in what they do. Kindly comply in a timely manner about required documents so you can further the process and of course keep the faith."[caption id="attachment_353273" align="aligncenter" width="539"]

"Thank you PassportUSA for giving my family this wonderful opportunity." - Aileen[/caption]Thank you Aileen! We are proud to see how far you've come and look forward to seeing your nursing career progress.

Program Eligibility

The PassportUSA Achieve Program is offered to registered nurses who have already passed their NCLEX examination. NCLEX results never expire, so even if you passed NCLEX a few years back you still qualify. We also assist nurses that have been abandoned by a previous U.S. visa petitioner. We provide our Achieve candidates with access to resources to pass the IELTS examination and will expertly file for your U.S. visa after you pass IELTS.

Achieve Your #AmericanDream
November 13, 2019
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