PassportUSA RN Alinafe: Living the American Dream

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Passing the NCLEX exam proves that you're committed to achieving your #AmericanDream. The next step is finding a reputable agency to help secure your employment-based U.S. immigrant visa or recapture your existing priority date.PassportUSA has expertly handled thousands of international nurse immigration cases. The PassportUSA Achieve program offers immigration filing services and test preparation resources to help you pass IELTS.Here's Alinafe's story of how the PassportUSA Achieve program helped her attain her EB-3 visa and a nursing career in the USA.

Alinafe's Opportunistic USRN Career

Alinafe joined the PassportUSA Achieve program and has been working as a USRN since May 2019. When we spoke with Alinafe regarding her experiences, here is what she shared:

How did you hear about the Achieve program?

"I first heard of PassportUSA through a Facebook advertisement and was planning on finding an international staffing agency so I can work as a USRN. I was glad to see that PassportUSA offers the Achieve program and that I was eligible to join the program."

What made you decide to join the Achieve program?

"I decided to join the Achieve program because of the opportunities that can come out of it. I would be able to learn different nursing skills in a different country, make more than what I was currently making in Malawi, and have the ability to bring my family here with me."

What kind of training did you utilize to pass IELTS?

"I took online courses and studied on my own. If you have not passed IELTS yet, PassportUSA will provide candidates in their Achieve program with free IELTS resources and a dedicated coach."

What training did you utilize to pass NCLEX?

"I took in-person classes every week along with practice test books. You have to remain dedicated and determined to study and pass the NCLEX."

Would you recommend other nurses to sign up for Achieve right away?

"Yes, of course, I recommend other nurses to sign up for the Achieve program right away because PassportUSA will give you all of the support you need. If you passed the NCLEX, I absolutely urge you to join PassportUSA. You will be successful for IELTS and the more people in this program, the merrier!"

How did you feel the response time was for your inquiries regarding the program?

"PassportUSA has the best advisors possible. I give them an A+. Every time I sent in a question, they responded within a business day. They will acknowledge my question and let me know that they will get me the answer soon."

What/who inspired you to pursue your American Dream?

"My children inspired me to pursue my American Dream. There were times when the poverty level was very high in Malawi, Africa, and the American Dream is very promising to me and my family to do better for my family. My children encouraged me to study for NCLEX and apply to the program so we can all go to America. They continue to inspire me in many ways and I don’t know if I'll ever thank them enough."

How has your family's life changed for the better now that you've been working as a U.S. nurse?

"We have good healthcare, nice housing, efficient transportation, and overall a better quality of life. I purchased a brand new car and it is very reliable and can get to and from places. I'm doing really well at work and I have more autonomy and responsibilities. Here there are more personalized experiences for 1:1 patient care and it is organized so I can see progress with my patients and build a better rapport with them. My work/life balance is very manageable."

What do you hope to accomplish in your U.S. nursing career and personal life within 5 years?

"I am an overachiever. I would love to obtain my Master of Nursing degree and Doctorate of Nursing Practice because knowledge is power. If I have more knowledge, I can do a lot. I know I can do more as a nurse. I am precepting soon and I'm very honored and proud that they asked me to do so."

What are the three qualities of yours that make you a good U.S. nurse?

" I am a self-starter, hard-working, and a quick learner. and I'm able to own up to my responsibilities and learn from my experiences. I am a hard-working spirit to put in extra hours to achieve what my unit needs because it's not always about me and about my units and patients, more efficient with more practices

Who/what motivates you currently to continue being a spectacular U.S. nurse?

"My motivation is the team that I work with. We have a strong work ethic, and are able to help each other. I came here as a hard-working nurse when others are motivated to do the same. I want to continue raising the bar by attending available training and bringing the knowledge back to my unit to benefit us all."

What advice do you have for candidates that are thinking about joining the program?

"Join the program! I encourage candidates to study hard and sign up with PassportUSA if you need to pass IELTS. You will need to pass the NCLEX first to get into this very good program. It will change your life. It will change your whole nursing career. There is no changing for the worst. You have a support system here. It's all good and the good outweighs the bad. Understand what your dreams mean to you and what you want for yourself and your family. You will get U.S. nursing transition practice with PassportUSA before you even arrive here."[caption id="attachment_356227" align="alignnone" width="600"]

Alinafe and her husband during their USA arrival activities with PassportUSA[/caption]Thank you, Alinafe! We are proud to see how far you've come and look forward to seeing your nursing career progress.

Program Eligibility

The PassportUSA Achieve Program is offered to registered nurses who have already passed their NCLEX examination. NCLEX results never expire, so even if you passed NCLEX a few years back you still qualify. We also assist nurses that have been abandoned by a previous U.S. visa petitioner. We provide our Achieve candidates with access to resources to pass the IELTS examination and will expertly file for your U.S. visa after you pass IELTS.

January 13, 2021
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