PassportUSA RN Christauf Achieving His US Success

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Passing the NCLEX exam proves that you're committed to achieving your #AmericanDream. The next step is finding a reputable agency to help secure your employment-based U.S. immigrant visa or recapture your existing priority date.PassportUSA has expertly handled thousands of international nurse immigration cases. The PassportUSA Achieve program offers immigration filing services and test preparation resources to help you pass IELTS.Here's Christauf's story of how the PassportUSA Achieve program helped him attain his EB-3 visa and a nursing career in the USA.

Christauf's Opportunistic USRN Career

Christauf joined the PassportUSA Achieve program and has been working as a USRN in Indiana since June 2019. When we spoke with Christauf regarding his experiences, here is what he shared:

How did you hear about the Achieve program?

"I heard about the Achieve program from a classmate. I was studying for the NCLEX and at that time there were few opportunities for nurses to come live and work in the U.S. so I was glad to hear about PassportUSA/Health Carousel."

What made you decide to join the Achieve program?

"Health Carousel Philippines mentioned the Achieve program when I inquired. It was a way to help me with my American dream."

Did you already pass IELTS when you joined Achieve?

"Yes, I already had a valid passing IELTS score when I joined. However, I know that PassportUSA assists candidates to pass IELTS if they join the PassportUSA Achieve program."

What kind of training did you utilize to pass IELTS?

"I completed in-person classes, practiced speaking English with native speakers, and asked my friends to review my writing. I had a lot of confidence while studying because I practiced English every day."

What training did you utilize to pass NCLEX?

"I took NCLEX shortly after I graduated nursing school so my knowledge was still fresh in my mind. I registered for an in-person class and took practice tests online."

Would you recommend other nurses to sign up for Achieve right away?

"Yes, I highly recommend other nurses to sign up for the PassportUSA Achieve program right away because I am a living testament for Health Carousel! The staff members are experts and true to their words. I was never disappointed during the process and it was a smooth transition."

How did you feel the response time was for your inquiries regarding the program?

"Each staff member responds right away via email. They have an important sense of urgency and care."

Do you know anyone else in the program?

"Yes, there are other people at my current U.S. facility that are in the same program. I also have my aunt that works at my facility too and she lives close by (she is also a PassportUSA RN)."

What/who inspired you to pursue your American Dream?

"I am my own inspiration! Nursing is my passion and growing up I watched a lot of American movies and have always wanted to come live and work in the U.S. I have other relatives who live in the U.S. and it was implanted in my heart that one day I will work on my dream."

How has your and your family's life changed for the better now that you've been working as a US nurse?

"Working in the U.S. is really different because the working conditions and compensation are better, there are plenty of opportunities to grow in your career, and burnout is low. I am more independent here and I do not feel like a burden to my family back in the Philippines. I am proud to work as a U.S. nurse and my brother has been inspired to take up nursing as well in order to come here too."

What do you hope to accomplish in your US nursing career and personal life within 5 years?

"I am planning on becoming a nurse practitioner. Right now I enjoy working with my great med-surg unit."

Are there any certifications/units of interest to you?

"I am interested in working in the ER. I am a quick thinker and would love to work more in crisis situations so I can share my knowledge."

Who do you want to thank for encouraging you to join the Achieve program and why?

"My wife (who was my girlfriend back then) kept telling me to focus on my dream to come to the U.S. I had limited offers from other agencies but the Achieve program especially caught my attention. The PassportUSA/Health Carousel representatives were very quick and helpful in every step of the way."

What are 3 traits of yours that make you a good U.S. nurse?

"I am an honest person of integrity. I promise to deal with people's lives. I am respectful to myself and to others. It's important to respect others to gain trust and salvage good working relationships. I am compassionate about nursing. I possess great energy and pride when I practice my profession."

Who/what motivates you currently to continue being a spectacular U.S. nurse?

"Currently my family continues to motivate me to be a spectacular U.S. nurse. My wife is the reason I continue to work hard on my life goals. She is always there for me, she cheers me up, and she celebrates my success. I like being a good role model for my brothers. Lastly, I have the inner desire to always improve myself."

Do you have any friends/colleagues that are waiting to come to the USA?

"Yes I do. They are currently in Cebu and Leyte, which are located in the Philippines."

What advice do you have for candidates that are thinking about joining the program?

"Be patient and have faith! Whatever the situation is, know that you'll get to your goal in God's perfect time."[caption id="attachment_354516" align="aligncenter" width="812"]

Thank you Christauf! We are proud to see how far you've come and look forward to seeing your nursing career progress.[/caption]

Program Eligibility

The PassportUSA Achieve Program is offered to registered nurses who have already passed their NCLEX examination. NCLEX results never expire, so even if you passed NCLEX a few years back you still qualify. We also assist nurses that have been abandoned by a previous U.S. visa petitioner. We provide our Achieve candidates with access to resources to pass the IELTS examination and will expertly file for your U.S. visa after you pass IELTS.

Achieve Your #AmericanDream
March 6, 2020
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