Your American Dream awaits you - Nurse Louiela

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I joined Health Carousel in 2016. Back then they issued a reimbursement program for the NCLEX. Due to constraints in finances, I wasn't able to process my NCLEX application on the desired timeframe. Despite that, Health Carousel, esp. Ms. Ann Martha Alayon was very patient with me and guided me towards their sponsorship program. I was very lucky to be selected. The NCLEX processing was smooth as they coordinated us with an NCLEX processing agency, the iNurse. iNurse communicates thru email and the�Facebook messenger was very accommodating and efficient. Thankfully, I passed the NCLEX-RN which I took last May 31. Thank you so much Health Carousel for this opportunity. To all aspiring nurses, your American dream awaits you and Health Carousel will help you through.

July 24, 2019
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