One-Year Work Anniversary Reflection - Cheryll

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Cheryll is a PassportUSA nurse in Georgia and she has been working in a new unit for over one year now! She is sharing some of the letters she's received that keeps her motivated.

"Cheryll, your great skills helped save a life! You should be very proud of your actions. I truly believe 'it takes a village' to save a life and getting the 'village' to the bedside is an important nursing intervention. Thanks for letting me be a part of the 'village' that helped save your patient's life! It is a real honor to work with you!"

"The kindness in you brings out the gratefulness in me. Thanks for being so thoughtful. Dear Ms. Cheryll, I am very grateful for all of your kindness and help."Here is what Cheryll has to say about her journey so far:

"February 28 marks my one year in the Cardiac Telemetry Unit. I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to work in another unit and explore my career goals. I was able to learn a lot of new things, embrace this very noble profession from a different perspective, and most importantly I have loved doing every single thing that I do for patients and other people with more care, compassion and commitment. There was more meaning and fulfillment this time around. I have realized that it is not about finding the easier way of doing nursing, but it is by being able to be in the right place where you are able to do the right things and where everyone is focused not only on patient care but also on everyone's welfare to ensure both better patient outcomes and healthy working environment. I had challenges, difficulties, and hardship in a different way but these helped me love the way things are right now. I'm happy where and what I am now and I am looking forward to going above and beyond in this career soon!"
March 27, 2020
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