Answer is self-discipline Nurse Patrick

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I joined Passport USA (Health Carousel) last year (2017). I just saw the program on social media and didn't hesitate to contact them. Since then, I signed the PassportUSA Aspire Program which gives an opportunity to Registered Nurses to take NCLEX with their assistance. I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to Health Carousel Philippines, Inc. and iNurse processing staffs for their guidance and smooth process of my application. They provided me with review materials and answer all of my queries in a timely manner. It helps me a lot with my NCLEX examination. I also used other resources for my whole review. I could say that '' Yes, it is hard to study especially if you are also working as a hospital nurse and being in this kind of predicament, how could you balance time for work and study?� '' The only answer is self-discipline. You must learn how to sacrifice time and sleep. Just remain the focus, always think positively, have faith and believe in yourself. If I can make it, you too can. God bless everyone.

July 24, 2019
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