Greatest Decision I Ever Made - Anna Marie

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PROFESSION: Registered Nurse


ORIGIN: Philippines

LOCATION: Virginia

DEPLOYMENT DATE: January 4, 2021

"I joined Health Carousel in May 2017. I am thankful because the application process was detailed and organized. I am being guided every step of the way by Raissa. I only have good words for her. She goes the extra mile and is truly commendable. Health Carousel is lucky to have such an efficient International Deployment Advocate. In addition, I would like to acknowledge Glenda and thank her for her help during the early stages of my application. I dreamt of working in America in my tender years. I could not believe that it is within my reach now. I knew all along that great things will happen with faith, patience, and hard work. Signing with Health Carousel is one of the greatest decisions I made. Thank you Health Carousel, and to all the people behind this success. I will be forever grateful."

Achieve Your #AmericanDream
January 8, 2021
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