A Brighter Future For My Son - Marie Kristine

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"I signed up for the PassportUSA program in 2016. I learned about the program through my colleagues who signed up for the program as well. During that time, my mindset was to just try my luck hoping that I could put the USRN license to better use. Back then, I have not fully considered migrating to pursue my profession as a nurse. Back then, the USA for me merely meant enjoying great deals at shopping outlets, exploring theme parks, and just a destination for occasional summer vacations. I came to love and appreciate the American culture even when I was younger but migrating and working in the US was still a far shot.The PassportUSA program was a catalyst of change for all that. The advisors I worked with were very diligent in sending us updates. They always prompt you with requirements you need to comply with as well as those that you need to keep updated. Years went by smoothly with the monthly visa bulletin to check if my priority date is already current. In 2018, I received the good news that my EB-3 application can already be processed. Things took a different turn from then on. The processing time became fast-paced with the multiple tasks to be accomplished such as preparing for the line-up of interviews, to being selected for a facility, doing the medical examination, and finally the embassy interview. Likewise, the program kept professionals like us abreast with the best practices by providing supplemental learning materials to prepare us for deployment.It was only recently that I truly felt that something that used to be just an "option" finally became a "dream." With God's grace and with a grateful heart, my son and I are finally preparing for deployment. For others, they saw the opportunity as fulfilling the American dream. But for me it was more. When people would ask me why I pursued the program, it is more of accepting a more challenging role especially in terms of career. Another "why" for me is providing a brighter future for my son. As a family, the program meant not just being able to live in the US, but an opportunity to explore something bigger that the world has to offer. We are very grateful to Health Carousel giving us that chance to make more out of life and we are looking forward that the program could bless many others as well. Again, all glory to God and more power to PassportUSA."

PROFESSION: Registered Nurse
CANDIDATE NAME: Marie Kristine
ORIGIN: PhilippinesLOCATION: Washington
DEPLOYMENT DATE: September 30, 2019

Achieve Your #AmericanDream
November 8, 2019
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