PassportUSA RN Jess: On the Fast Track to the USA

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Chances are you have a relative or family friend that has been working in the USA as a nurse for some time. They probably inspired you to become a nurse to help patients and as a means to achieve your #AmericanDream. Most likely they also gave you advice on how to become a USRN. Their advice probably sounded something like this:

  1. Do well in nursing school.
  2. Graduate and pass the local board exam.
  3. Get to work as a staff RN anywhere you can.
  4. While working, study for and pass the NCLEX and IELTS exams.
  5. THEN if you have two years of nursing experience, find an agency that will help you get a visa and nursing job in the USA.

WOW! That is a lot to do on your own, but that's the way most agencies still operate.Here is Jess' story on how the PassportUSA ASPIRE program helped him pass needed exams and expedited his arrival to the USA.

Jess' USRN Career Began Much Sooner

Meet Jess, who joined the ASPIRE program and has been working as a USRN in Louisiana since October 2019. Under the traditional pathway outlined above, he would not have even been able to interview with an agency until he had at least two years of experience after graduating from nursing school. That would have been in 2017. Yet, through the PassportUSA ASPIRE program, Jess was able to interview with us in 2016, with one year of nursing experience!We spoke with Jess regarding his experiences and here is what he shared:

How did you hear about the ASPIRE program?

"I was browsing the internet for healthcare staffing agencies that accepted new nursing graduates. Luckily, I found Health Carousel's website and the rest was history."

How soon after graduation did you join the ASPIRE program?

"I joined the program after about 7 months. I was also reviewing for 5 months to pass NCLEX."

Did you know agencies were helping new graduates to pass NCLEX?

"No, I did not. That's why I was really surprised and fortunate to find Health Carousel because they are the real deal."

What perks made you decide to join the ASPIRE program?

"I decided to join because the program offers NCLEX study materials and online practice exams."

Would you recommend the ASPIRE program to other recent Filipino nursing graduates?

"I absolutely recommend other recent Filipino nursing graduates to join the Aspire program and that they should start early because the process takes time."

Do you know anyone else that was or is currently in the ASPIRE program?

"Yes, I know a classmate that passed NCLEX and is now a PassportUSA USRN, and I know a few other classmates who are in contract with Health Carousel."

Why did you choose to work in the U.S.?

"I chose to work in the U.S. because this has been my dream since I was young. I have an aunt residing in the U.S. that encouraged me to come work here and now I am able to visit her in just a short drive's time."

Who do you want to thank for encouraging you to join the ASPIRE program and why?

"I want to thank my family because they continuously reminded me to make my dream happen. My mother has been working hard her whole life and now I am able to support them financially. My aunt supported me all the way here. I am so proud of myself because I wasn't able to afford a car in the Philippines, but now I have my own car and apartment! I also want to thank my Health Carousel advisors because they respond in a timely manner so I could get my documents submitted on time.

What do you hope to accomplish in your U.S. nursing career within five years?

"I currently work in telemetry med-surg and I aspire to work in the ICU someday. I know I have the opportunity to advance my career here and to follow my heart with improving my nursing skills. I am so thankful."

What are three traits of a good U.S. nurse?

"A good U.S. nurse should always be compassionate for the job, manage time well, and get along with the team."

Thank you, Jess! We are proud to see how far you've come and look forward to seeing your nursing career progress.

Program Eligibility

The PassportUSA ASPIRE Program is offered to recent graduates of Philippine nursing schools and students enrolled in their final year of Philippine nursing schools.� We provide our ASPIRE candidates with access to resources to pass the NCLEX and IELTS examinations and will file for your visa as soon as you pass the NCLEX.

Aspire Program Details

Please note:�In the Philippines, PassportUSA is recruiting through Health Carousel Philippines. License number � POEA-230-LB-103018-R. For manpower pooling only. No fees to be collected. Be aware of illegal recruiters and human traffickers.

August 13, 2020
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