Bigger Picture of our Role as a Healthcare Provider - Joel RN

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As an active healthcare professional, it is expected that learning must never cease. Continuing education and training could not only update your knowledge and skills but more importantly, it gives you boost that makes you more capable of giving quality care to your clients. As I started and went through the Online education system and training courses, I find myself opening a new door for learning. At first, I was really adjusting because of the varying clinical setups I knew compared to the US set I am about to discover. But later on, I pictured out how it works and understand some of my essential roles as a nurse.After completing the 28 courses of the Online education system, I have found value in communication, documentation, developing and use of critical thinking, and assessment. How amazed I am on the emphasis on these aspects of my working profession. I have understood that these play a huge part in our holistic approach to providing patient care. It took me nearly 2 months to finish the courses. I set a schedule to focus on every course as well as the evaluation examinations. I would certainly recommend these courses to my fellow candidates. This program will no doubt enrich their knowledge and skills. It also gives them a bigger picture and definition of our role as healthcare providers. In fact, after taking the training courses and finally completing them all, I would say that it is a big help for me to adjust and adapt easily to my transition to US Healthcare Delivery System.

July 24, 2019
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