Broaden up my nursing knowledge - Sherryl, RN

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Global healthcare recruitment, especially in nursing, is highly competitive nowadays. In US Healthcare Delivery System, the highest standard and best practices should be met in order to satisfy patients' safety and wellness that is why nursing skills and knowledge are very essential in order to meet such requirement. With this regard, having this training courses offered by the PPUSA and Health Carousel (HCPI) is an experience that is beneficial and rewarding to me. As I underwent with this 8-week Training Program, I felt that each module or activity gave me an opportunity to enhance, augment and broaden up my nursing knowledge which was piled up after my college education. The learning/study concepts helped me to recapitulate the theories and appreciate them for practice. The simulation courses taught me to use my critical thinking and judgment which will be a vital tool for me to take in the future clinical setting.Completing each module activity is quite delayed and running out of time because of my hectic schedule from work. However, I gave credit to my Virtual Coach Ms. Carolyn Neal for her undivided support and being considerate in giving me ample time to finish the task even behind schedule. As well as my IDA, Raissa for her constant communication and support. It took me almost 2 months to complete the whole training module, but each one lifted me up to proceed with the other. Finishing the program is like winning the value of understanding, responsibility, and professionalism. To know and understand the nursing concepts will define the capability to handle any given situations. For the value of responsibility is to pursue the defined role in patient care. And professionalism as to adherence to the nursing ethics and how to approach difficult patients.After dealing with this very useful program, I strongly believe that I am fully-loaded with confidence to successfully step up my transition to practice in the US and have the pride to show up my competitiveness, qualification, and experience and bring about best nursing practices for a multidisciplinary and multi-cultural environment. Thus, encouraging all the candidates to tune up with PPUSA and HCPI for the training courses that give high chances of getting into hired globally.

July 24, 2019
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