Bulletin Board Praise - Nenette

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Nenette, a RN in Tennessee, received praise from one of her patients! Great care Nenette, keep up the good work!"I just wanna share this feedback from one of my patients. I saw this letter last week on our bulletin board. I was so surprised for the good comments he wrote for me. In spite of the busy hard work, sleepless nights, me receiving this complement really kept me going. A big thanks to this patient named Mark, for being so appreciative and not only him but to all patients that I had. I am always praying for their best of health. Thanks and God bless!" -Nenette"I caught Nenette, RN, doing her best to make my visit a pleasant one. She is very very attentive and professional. If I didn't call for her she came anyway to just check. She carries with her an impressive story coming to the U.S. in 2016 from the Philippines with three children (two of them are preschoolers). So she works at night and teaches her children English after school. She works hard and is a straight up professional with a bubbling personality. There are no mistakes with meds, and she maintained my equipment and hoses. She is a keeper. By the way, I asked about her family and history. She didn't choose to 'just be talking.'" -Mark

April 9, 2019
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