Buzz-Worthy PassportUSA Nurse Brings Added Value to Virginia Hospital

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If you’re struggling with the nursing shortage, you’re not alone. Facilities across the U.S. are struggling to find local talent, managing turnover, and retaining the valuable nurses they’ve already hired.With many U.S. hospitals facing the effects of the nursing shortage, PassportUSA is providing a valuable service to many nursing leaders.By providing a pipeline to an international, BSN-ready workforce, PassportUSA can dramatically affect the outcomes for patients and staff at facilities across the U.S. And PassportUSA nurses aren’t just stopgaps before you can hire new full-time nurses -- they are superstars in their own right.Kathleen Eviza is one of these superstars. She’s a young nurse who was born in the Philippines, and has worked as a nurse in Saudi Arabia. PassportUSA brought her to the U.S., and placed her in a Virginia facility in the Sentara healthcare system. Her ability to adapt and learn quickly is a huge asset to her facility, and her positive attitude makes working with her a pleasure. She was recently featured in a CBS broadcast for the impact she and the other PassportUSA nurses are having on the community.Kathleen is one of 10 PassportUSA nurses that has been placed at this Virginia facility. These nurses have helped ease the workload on the other full-time nurses, but their benefits go beyond their nursing skills. The diversity and kind attitude that these nurses bring is a benefit to the hospital and its patients. PassportUSA nurses have been placed at 16 facilities within the Sentara network, enhancing the productivity, stability, and profitability of each one.The Chief Nursing Executive at this Virginia facility has remarked how happy she is to have these international nurses on their staff, and due to the three-year contracts, their facility is guaranteed workforce stability for its future at a lower cost and a longer contract than traditional travel nurses. PassportUSA nurses also convert to full-time employment at a rate of 86%, meaning that they’ll become a valuable part of the facility for years to come.If you’re interested in learning how PassportUSA can connect your facility with international nursing superstars like Kathleen, click below to get in touch.

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 To learn more about Kathleen Eviza, and the benefits that PassportUSA nurses bring, you can find the CBS 19 video report below:[advanced_iframe securitykey="undefined" src="" width="100%" height="600"]

November 26, 2019
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