It changed my career life - Kierstin, RN, USRN

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I joined last March 2018, it was my friend pushed me to sign the contract with HCPI. Along the way, I met Ms. Kristine who handles my NCLEX application and guided me in achieving my Dreams.

Luckily HCPI gave me online review materials for me to refresh my skill and start my NCLEX journey. 3 months of availing the review and updating Ms. Kristine in all the modules that I have taken. Almost 10 months of studying Nursing terms and concepts, I used a lot of resources in studying NCLEX exam. On December 5, 2018, I took my exam and it was nerve-wracking. Frankly speaking, I really do not know what happened on the day when I stepped on the exam room and faced the screen. I just prayed and cheering myself that I can answer it. That day was the most memorable day of my life, it changed my career life. Now I am a USRN and continuing in getting my American Dream.

Health Carousel helped me by giving online reviewers which I used for almost 3 months. There I monitored the progress and which concepts are my weakness. Time to time HC- Ms. Kristine checks on me, how was the review going on and how were my scores are in good or bad status. Midway of my review, HCPI endorsed me to IPASS Processing. They are the one who helped me in complying my requirements for CGFNS until NCLEX. Step by step they told me which thing to comply. I met Ms. Rachel, Ms. Jean and Ms. Joyce who keeps on updating me of what is the status of my documents and what are lacking. I am very much comfortable in communicating with My IPASS team. I thank them for all the help and always answering all queries. No burden on my part and hassle-free on my part as a first-time taker and first time in processing documents outside the country. No hard time in my whole process of NCLEX application.

On my review days, honestly every time I take the post-test in every module on the online reviewer ( HESI) I get frustrated and down when I see my scores are in 60%. Everytime that happens, I call my friend and to talk to him about the scores, looking for any motivational words and advice. Going to work bring some review materials for me to scan some concepts. I got happy when I have Morning shift or Nocturnal shift because every after or before work I can focus on studying. I used UWORLD on my last month before I took the exam. I put so much effort into the last month of my review because it is my last chance. I keep on answering the test Qbanks every day, 150 or more items I practiced. For me, it really helps a lot because it sharpens my mind in answering and prioritizing. Working while studying is much harder. But thanks GOD for almost Ten Months of reviewing all my pain and efforts are worth it, which I gain a good result.

I know lots of people will look you down and tells you You cannot make it�. Will let them think that you cannot do it but silently do your part and prove to them that you can. That no one can stop you in achieving your dreams in life. All I can say is keep on believing on yourself, dedication and perseverance is the key to success but never ever forget Lord Almighty. Always pray and ask guidance in all decisions you'll make. Most of it is be patient, he will give it to you at the right time. On I've learned in this journey of life is be patience don't hurry. Everything will come in GODs TIME, he will give it to you in an unexpected time .

For all Health Carousel Phil. Team and Ipass Team, I Kierstin Kaye Dinglasa, RN, USRN would like to say from the bottom of My heart THANK YOU and So Grateful for all the help. Continue helping nurses who dream to go to America. You are a blessing to us!

July 25, 2019
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