Continuous guidance of a virtual coach - Ma Aloha, USRN

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When I was told to have a transition program online, I was so stressed about how and where to start on the many modules needed to be accomplished in a specific period of weeks. I was even afraid that I may not be able to finish it on due date because it was composed of a series of lessons to study, pre and post tests and real-life scenarios to answer. Through the continuous guidance of a virtual coach, who patiently answered all my queries throughout the program and constantly gave encouraging words, I was able to complete it on time. The program was very informative and interactive. I have learned how to be a better professional nurse in dealing with my superiors, co-workers, clients, and relatives in terms of communication and giving care. In addition, I have not only recapped basic nursing knowledge but foster my skills in clinical practice as well.I believe that nurses must undergo this transition program to be more efficient and globally competitive in patient care.Lastly, I would like to thank HCLL for giving me the opportunity to take this transition to practice program because I was able to familiarize with the clinical setting in the US and equipped with the necessary knowledge, values, attitudes, and skills to adapt smoothly in the US Healthcare delivery system.

July 25, 2019
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