Recent DAISY Nominations

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A big congratulations to our latest DAISY nominees for their valiant effort and dedication to nursing: Alpha, Ciana, Flavia, and Soyoung!

PassportUSA RN Alpha, was nominated for the DAISY award for providing quality service to her patients:

"Nurse Alpha is very persistent in making sure that the patient not only comes first, but she is consistent with the patient's treatment and care. Her main objective is making sure that the patients she cares for get better."

PassportUSA RN Ciana, was nominated for the DAISY award for her cheerful demeanor:

“Ciana was the perfect caregiver! Never in a hurry, always asked if I was comfortable, answered questions thoroughly, and she always entered the room with a smile on her face. My wife and I enjoyed our time together as well. One week is not easy mentally or physically, yet she made this stay a positive and healing experience. She was the best and I appreciate her and will always remember her and the excellent care she provided. I hope to never return but hope to see her again one day!”

PassportUSA RN Flavia, was nominated for the DAISY award for taking great care during her patient's stay:

"Flavia is very efficient in explaining things to me. She is very patient, kind, and understanding when I was discharged. She carefully explained my follow up with my doctor and what to do if these symptoms come back. I appreciate the care she gave."

PassportUSA RN Soyoung, received TWO nominations for the DAISY award for her kindness and due diligence:

"Soyoung looks like she really cares when she smiles, which is one of the first things you notice about her! She was very kind and caring, while also being quick and on top of things. She checked on my grandma before my grandma was even her patient, and was excellent at keeping up with her meds and other needs. She was also great about letting her rest when possible. So grateful to have had her taking care of my grandma!""I was admitted on Feb.3. It never occurred to me that on Feb. 13 I would just be getting discharged. If I could I would nominate all the nurses and techs on this floor for being exceptional. I never had anyone be anything but kind and caring. In thinking about outstanding dedication and care, one person comes to mind. She literally saved my life when I stopped breathing for over 7 seconds!"

If you have any DAISY nominations or DAISY awards you receive from your facility and want to share it in the PassportUSA blog, please send it to your IES. We will blur out any confidential information.

December 16, 2020
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