Q1 2019 DAISY Award Winner - Janine

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PassportUSA presented in person the DAISY award to our RN, Janine! Congratulations Janine! Outstanding performance and care! Janine is currently working in Pennsylvania. She is being recognized for the Q1 DAISY award for her critical thinking and teamwork.PassportUSA recognizes Janine for living out her dream and role modeling all the qualities and attributes that are associated with an excellent nurse. She is a shining example of professionalism, teamwork, dedication and compassion. We learned from Janine that she had been involved in a situation where her critical thinking and quick response time was key to the total team efforts to resuscitate a resident. Janine was incredibly humble but proud of the teamwork and excellence in nursing that occurred in this incident.Janine's PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor values the commitment and professionalism that Janine displays in their interactions and highly recommended her for this prestigious award. Janine is an important part of the PassportUSA family and she truly represents the quality we strive to achieve and is an excellent ambassador for our mission To make healthcare work better�.While we were here presenting the award, we learned Janine has taken on yet another role at the facility! She is currently being trained and filling in for the Wound Nurse. Wound nursing is a specialty in and of itself so this is a significant commitment by Janine to continue her professional growth and development and to support her team at the facility.The facility leadership team has shared similar feedback about Janine's performance:"Janine has been a great asset to my unit. She takes the initiative independently to get things completed and always helps her fellow nurses with their tasks. She has stayed numerous times to help as an admission nurse� when the unit was quite busy. I have had her as a project nurse when we had an extra nurse on a shift and given her a list of tasks to complete. She has always completed the tasks timely and accurately. She listens and takes guidance seriously. She also has been a preceptor to one of our new Graduate nurses which can be trying at times, but has handled herself professionally and with a lot of patience to teach. She communicates well and has been in multiple stressful situations in which she handled herself appropriately and professionally. I feel that she really deserves this award whole heartedly!"An excellent job Janine! We are tremendously proud of you!If you are an international healthcare professional who is inspired by Janine's success, start your journey to the USA by registering for the PassportUSA program below!

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August 21, 2020
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