Q4 2018 DAISY Award Winner - Jeffrey

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PassportUSA presented in person the DAISY award to our RN, Jeffrey! Congratulations Jeffrey! Impeccable service and compassion!Jeffrey is currently working in Texas. He is being recognized for the Q4 2018 DAISY award for his care and attitude.PassportUSA recognizes Jeffrey for living out his American dream and role modeling all of the qualities and attributes that are associated with an excellent nurse. He is a shining example of professionalism, teamwork, dedication and compassion.Jeffrey also received recognition from a recent patient who wrote: Just want to say this is the best care that I have ever received above and beyond their duties, most polite and friendly people in a hospital setting. I would recommend this hospital to my family and friends. Their attitudes are exceptional, always smiling effectively to help. If I ever need help again, I hope I'm here in town. Thank you and God bless you all.�Jeffrey's PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor also recommended him for this prestigious award, stating that he is incredibly responsive to any requests, professional in all communication, and proactive in his career aspirations and consistently exceeds all expectations.The facility leadership team has shared similar feedback about Jeffrey's performance and recognized him for his commitment and dedication not only to his patients but to his team members.

A job well-done Jeffrey! We are extremely proud of you!If you are an international healthcare professional who is inspired by Jeffrey's success, start your journey to the USA by registering for the PassportUSA program below!

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August 21, 2020
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