Q2 2018 DAISY Award Winner - Joe Mar

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PassportUSA presented our RN, Joe Mar, the DAISY award! Congratulations Joe Mar! Your meticulous care is much appreciated!"We are here from Health Carousel/Passport USA to recognize Joe for living out his dream and role modeling all the qualities and attributes that are associated with an excellent nurse. He is a shining example of professionalism, teamwork, dedication and compassion.We recently received feedback from Royelle about Joe's performance. Joe received the June 2018 RN Employee of the Month recognition from the PassportUSA team and they also submitted this feedback for consideration by the PassportUSA internal Nursing Team for the quarterly DAISY award.Royelle shared the following about Joe and his role on this team:'Joe is the exceptional example of teamwork, growth, dependability, tenacity, focused and takes pride in patient care. He is always willing to lend a helping hand before you even ask him. He goes out of his way to find opportunities to take care of patients and the unit, proactive instead of reactive. He is flexible whenever I need him to be and never complains. He greets the staff and the patients with the brightest smile and even during stressful situations, his demeanor never changes. He brings joy to everyone that crosses his path and in every department.'Joe's PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor, Kara, values the commitment and professionalism that Joe displays in their interactions and highly recommended him for this prestigious award. Kara shared the following:'Joe arrived to the US a short 6 months ago with the most positive attitude I have ever seen and I had a feeling he would do great things. He is kind and reliable with an energy that is contagious! I am proud to have the privilege of working with Joe!Joe is an important part of the PassportUSA family and he truly represents the quality we strive to achieve and is an excellent ambassador for our mission of 'Improving lives and making healthcare work better'.'"

February 19, 2020
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