Q3 2019 DAISY Award Winner - Paraluman

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PassportUSA presented in person the DAISY award to our RN, Paraluman! Congratulations Paraluman! Fantastic performance and care.Paraluman is currently working in Iowa. She is being recognized for the Q3 DAISY award for her kindness and compassion.PassportUSA recognizes Paraluman for the award following a nomination that came from one of her former patients:

I showed up with a lot of pain and she was always ahead of her time, always making sure my pain was managed and kept under control. When she saw me crying and upset about my personal and family life, she offered her support by allowing me to cry and vent all of my problems to her. I was very nervous talking to strangers about my emotions, but not with her. She showed compassion and gave great advice. I was feeling alone, scared, and having very bad thoughts that night until she spoke with me. She made me feel special and like I had a life worth living, and that I wasn't just a patient that she's getting paid to take care of. She gave me the emotional strength to want to try harder to live. I hope and pray every day that there are others out there like her. I do not feel that my life would have carried on much longer if I had not met her. I believe she really cares about her patients with her heart and not just because it's her job. And I thank her for making me feel like someone cares.�

Paraluman's PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor values the commitment and professionalism that Paraluman displays in their interactions and highly recommended her for this prestigious award. Paraluman is an important part of the PassportUSA family and she truly represents the quality we strive to achieve and is an excellent ambassador for our mission To make healthcare work better.�An incredible job Paraluman! We are extremely proud of you.If you are an international registered nurse who is inspired by Paraluman's success and you want to work and live in the USA, apply to the PassportUSA program below! We will send you relevant information so you can begin your #AmericanDream.

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January 28, 2020
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