Q3 2018 DAISY Award Winner - Richard

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PassportUSA presented our RN, Richard, the DAISY award! Congratulations Richard! Your fantastic performance is impeccable!Richard is currently working in Texas. He is being recognized for the Q3 DAISY award for his exceptional patient care. Richard's patients have provided admirable feedback for the polite and compassionate care he gives. As a Home Health nurse, he is personally requested by many of his patients because he consistently goes above and beyond while always ensuring they receive the best care possible.Some of the outstanding feedback we received about Richard from his Director and Supervisor includes:

Richard is the most kind, patient, gentle, caring, skillful, cooperative nurse that anyone would be happy to have as part of their team.�

Richard has been a great asset to our agency. He is frequently recognized in our Patient Satisfaction surveys. Patients frequently inform other staff of his competent skills and enjoy their visits with him. Richard is always reliable, flexible, pleasant, and accommodating. One specific patient provided the following feedback about Richard's exceptional care: 'Richard went above and beyond to make sure we were well-informed about the lab work and the care was exceptional."

Great job Richard! We are super proud of you!

February 19, 2020
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