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We are hereby honored to announce that the winner of March 2020's Allied Employee of the Month contest is Divina Grace!! Congrats to Divina Grace as she will enjoy a spotlight on both our Facebook and website! She will also receive the winner's certificate for this month, bragging rights, and a gift!If you know someone who is currently working for PassportUSA, you can nominate them to be our next employee-of-the-month. We also accept self-referrals from current PassportUSA employees!

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Divina Grace is a medical technologist who is from the Philippines but is currently assigned in Nebraska. She has been working in the healthcare field for 7 years and has been working with PassportUSA for over 1 year!Divina Grace was nominated for Allied Employee of the Month by the client facility's Lab DIrector:

"Divina Grace always goes above and beyond. She is always putting the patient and her co-workers first. The patient is her number one priority. She is also very good at seeing the work and knowing when a co-worker needs help in their department."

Learn more about PassportUSA's MT, Divina Grace by reading her responses below!What drew you to Health Carousel? "I have always dreamt about being adventurous and working in a new culture. Health Carousel made that happen. When I saw the Health Carousel Philippines/PassportUSA websites, I knew right then and there that they will help make my dream a reality."What do you like most about working with our client? "This facility is comprised of individuals who are really passionate about putting patients first. I admire how the facility takes care of the employees. I grew a lot more here professionally because they taught me a lot and helped me in any way that they can."What do you like to do outside of work? "I love to cook or bake, go walking on a sunny day, and watch movies."What do you love most about being a MT? "Being a medical technologist is both challenging and fulfilling. Working in the lab makes me feel like I'm either Doctor House or Detective Sherlock, trying to figure out what is in the specimen that is making the patient feel sick. This is fulfilling because I know that I am helping the community by providing reliable results."What is your favorite American food? "I absolutely love burgers and fries!"Tell us something unique about you! "I have two adorable cats named Tiggy and Casper. They are stubborn sometimes but they sure will make you smile. They always make my day less stressful just by looking at how cute they are."What's your favorite quote? "Make your life a masterpiece, imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do."-Brian Tracy, public speakerIf you are not a current PassportUSA employee, simply register with us today and we'll get your journey to the USA underway! We are currently hiring registered nurses and will send you relevant information to start your #AmericanDream.

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April 30, 2020
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