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We are hereby honored to announce that the winner of April 2020's Allied Employee of the Month contest is Jose Angelo (aka Gelo)!! Congrats to Jose Angelo as he will enjoy a spotlight on both our Facebook and website! He will also receive the winner's certificate for this month, bragging rights, and a gift!If you know someone who is currently working for PassportUSA, you can nominate them to be our next employee-of-the-month. We also accept self-referrals from current PassportUSA employees!

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Jose Angelo is a Physical Therapist who is from the Philippines but is currently assigned in New Mexico. He has been working in the healthcare field for 10 years and has been working with PassportUSA for almost 2 years! This is Gelo's SECOND time being the PassportUSA Allied Employee of the Month!Gelo was nominated for Allied Employee of the Month by the Director of Rehab:

"Gelo has persevered through the storm of COVID-19. After educating all therapists, he was the first therapist in our group to try a telehealth visit. This inspired the rest of the team and now all of us are doing some telehealth."

Learn more about PassportUSA's PT, Gelo by reading his responses below!What drew you to Health Carousel? "My colleagues signed with Health Carousel and they gave me a lot of good feedback about Health Carousel. True enough, I have a lot of good opportunities and experiences working with Health Carousel."What do you like most about working with our client? "The client facility is a very comfortable company to work in. They really look after employees and I appreciate feeling safe and taken care of here."What do you like to do outside of work? "I love to visit places that interest me. My wife and I love going on road trips to visit historical places and trying different Asian restaurants outside of the local area. When I'm at home, I love to cook and bake!"What do you love most about being a PT? "What I love about being a physical therapist is getting to meet and work with different people. I like to help people regain their function and be a part of improving their quality of life. It's nice to see them out in public enjoying life because I had helped them through physical therapy."What is your favorite American food? "I love hamburgers and smoked brisket."Have you received any awards or recognition from the client facility? "I received a few I-care cards from patients and from my colleagues. It's a card for patients, colleagues, and the company to acknowledge you for the efforts you have done for them."Tell us something unique about you! "I am fond of making bread from scratch. I love the process of mixing the ingredients, watching the dough rise, shaping it, and baking it. I love the smell of freshly baked bread and the best part is of course, eating it!"What's your favorite quote? "Know that your kindness has a ripple effect in the universe."If you are not a current PassportUSA employee, simply register with us today and we'll get your journey to the USA underway! We are currently hiring registered nurses and will send you relevant information to start your #AmericanDream.

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May 28, 2020
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