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We are hereby honored to announce that the winner of July 2019's Allied Employee of the Month contest is Marjorie Ann!! Congrats to Marjorie Ann as she will enjoy a spotlight on both our Facebook and website! She will also receive the winner's certificate for this month, bragging rights, and a gift!If you know someone who is currently working for PassportUSA, you can nominate them to be our next employee-of-the-month. We also accept self-referrals from current PassportUSA employees!

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Marjorie Ann is a Physical Therapist who is from the Philippines and is currently assigned in West Virginia. She has been working in the healthcare field for 9 years and has been working with PassportUSA for over 1 year!Marjorie Ann was nominated for Allied Employee of the Month by her PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor:

"Marjorie began her assignment in June 2018. From the start she has done an amazing job. Marjorie covers two counties in West Virginia and works well over 30 visits every week, while sometimes driving over 100 miles a day. She is extremely optimistic and is continuously putting her patients first. Patients personally request Marjorie to be their physical therapist. Her facility supervisor has commended her on her performance appraisals, stating that she is a true asset to the team and brings a lot of knowledge. �For me, Marjorie is a great communicator. She continually shares with me about her work, personal life, and her travels. She is more than compliant on anything I ask of her."

Learn more about PassportUSA's PT, Marjorie Ann by reading her responses below!What drew you to Health Carousel? "Health Carousel was introduced to me by friends and colleagues. At first I was hesitant but then I told myself, let's give it a try! I never regretted my decision because Health Carousel guided me since day one to meet my American dream."What do you like most about working with our client? "I am lucky that I am assigned in a friendly town where you can always hear, 'Everybody knows everybody'. They welcomed me with a smile on their faces. While I am teaching and instructing patients with their respective exercises to help them with their daily activities, patients will share and trust their life stories with me and in turn, I also learn a lot from them."What do you like to do outside of work? "I love to read books, which I always say is my quick escape from reality. I love to travel as well, to explore and learn the beauty of different places. I like to also try some adventurous things, as hiking and water rafting have already been checked off my bucket list. We'll see about skydiving."What do you love most about being a PT? "Every time that I go back to my patients' houses, they'll brag about their accomplishments on their daily activities. Also, I enjoy the smile on their faces and when they say, �I never knew that I can do that!'"What is your favorite American food? "I love steak and pizza!"Tell us something unique about you! "My mom moved with me when I started my work in the U.S. She used to live in the state of Tennessee. We were welcomed by a group of Filipinos who turned out to be our new family. Since I've been in the U.S. for over 1 year, I have already visited 12 states and plan on seeing more."What's your favorite quote? "I have two favorite quotes: 'Life is a series of baby steps.' and, 'Always find a good reason for everything even you're in the middle of a storm.'"If you are not a current PassportUSA employee, simply apply with us today and we'll get your journey to the USA underway!

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November 8, 2019
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