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Last year, facility supervisors submitted nominations on why their PassportUSA healthcare professional should be 2019 PassportUSA Employee of the Month. Their nominations shared the healthcare professionals' dedication to their roles and our company.After voting from all of the eligible 2019 PassportUSA Employees of the Month, we are hereby honored to announce that the winner of 2019's PassportUSA Allied Employee of the Year contest is Vannetta!! Congratulations to our medical technologist, Vannetta, as she will enjoy a spotlight on both our Facebook and website! She will also receive the winner's certificate for the year, bragging rights, and she has chosen an iPad as her gift!Vannetta began her journey with Health Carousel back in 2018. She never gave up on herself and her faith in our company. Her genuine ability to transition smoothly, collaborate with the team, stay positive, and her continued hard work has helped her win the title as the PassportUSA 2019 Allied Employee of the Year!

"Vannetta is such a great medical technologist. She is always timely and a great team player. I've been a medical technologist for 45 years and I have rarely seen anyone learn processes as quickly as she does -- and this is someone that is not in her home country.

She speaks excellent English and communicates well. She is an awesome team player and literally will work any shift or do any new process that we ask of her. She pitches in and helps out in other areas of the lab without being asked. Often you might have to ask for help, but not with Vannetta. She just steps right in to do anything to help her teammates." -Laboratory Administrative Director

PassportUSA sees Vannetta's ambition and so do her patients, managers and peers. She is a go-getter, and everybody notices it regularly. She has received a lot of praise and we know that her career is only going to advance more over time.Vannetta, it is an honor having you as a part of the PassportUSA family.�Congratulations again, and to a job well-done!We asked Vannetta about her career growth, and this is what she had to say:What career accomplishments from the past year are you most proud of? "I have been awarded PassportUSA Spotlight of the Month and PassportUSA Allied Employee of the Month. I contribute my success to my amazing group of coworkers and my cohesive work environment!"What skills have you gained since working with our client so far? "I have advanced my multitasking and problem solving skills. I've learned so much more about immunohematology/blood banking. It is something I thought about learning but never had the opportunity to do during my previous job abroad, so being able to use those skills now is great."What/who motivates you to get your job done? "My family motivates me to learn new things. I enjoy being receptive to my team's feedback. When others know that I am available to help, it keeps me interested in my work and drives me to further my own knowledge so I can contribute back to the group and to my patients."What aspects about your workplace makes your job enjoyable? "I love that everyone shares the same vision and dedication to the mission. We care about each other as people and we each strive for professional growth. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and we are always commended for the great work that we do."What advice would you suggest to other healthcare professionals to succeed in their job here in the U.S.? "I advise others to always be willing to help. If there is a job that needs to be done and you are qualified to do it and can do it, then you should. Even if it's not your assigned task, especially if the person assigned is busy, it's all about working together."We are extremely proud of Vannetta's accomplishments and dedication in 2019 and we look forward to her success in 2020!If you know someone who is currently working for PassportUSA, you can nominate them to be our next employee-of-the-month. We also accept self-referrals from current PassportUSA employees!

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February 19, 2020
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