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"I was already 38 years old when I decided to take the NCLEX exam. I passed but no agency wanted to accept me because of retrogression in the US until I heard and learned about Health Carousel and decided to give it a try. That was October 2014 and I got my priority date in April 2015 and we started processing all my papers. Another opportunity knocked in 2016. I got a job offer in the UAE and I decided to give it a try while waiting for my priority date to be current. After 7 months of working in the UAE, my priority date became current so I resigned from my UAE job to focus on my American dream.After 4 years of waiting, I am now heading to my dream country, the United States, with my family this time.Thank you Health Carousel, especially to my international deployment advocate, Liza who was very accommodating, warm, and patient.For those nurses out there, never give up. Everything has the right time, you just need to patiently wait."PROFESSION: Registered NurseCANDIDATE NAME: EudoraLOCATION: IndianaDEPLOYMENT DATE:Â July 9, 2018

Achieve Your #AmericanDream
July 9, 2018
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