Excellent tool Strategic teaching method - Euben, RN

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Before I started with the simulation training program, I thought I had nothing more to learn, having recently passed the NCLEX and topped the national board exam.� But I have to say this training was an eye-opener. It broadened my perspective of the nursing profession and its underlying principles. Their strategies and framework for teaching was also genius. The program started by strengthening my foundational knowledge about nursing as a profession.� Here I learned by heart the ethical and legal principles that embody nursing and make it a full-fledged profession. Then it progressed to the lessons on healthcare and the different types of illnesses that are encountered in nursing as well as the various aspects of their management.� I like how the program caters to the different individual learning styles by providing varying types of teaching tools, such as videos, audio, diagrams, and written material.� In addition to written lessons, they provide video demonstrations regarding specific nursing skills.� But perhaps the most interesting for me is the clinical scenario portions, in which I can practice critical thinking and decision making in actual cases. It also reflects how my decisions affect the patient and whether or not they lead to the patient's wellness. It is an excellent tool for me to actually apply my learned theories to practical situations. The written exams also accurately reflect the NCLEX-type questions and give sound rationales for each option.� All of these have strengthened not only my knowledge but my ability to make well-grounded judgments related to patient care.� I would highly recommend this training program to other candidates. After completion of the entire course, I can truly attest that I am confident in my ability to successfully transition to the United States as a competent nurse very soon

July 24, 2019
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