Keen Attention to Detail - Joanne

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PassportUSA RN Joanne, received a Good Catch certificate and pin for following through with an important detail on a patient's discharge form! Great work, Joanne, for being proactive and going the extra mile to ensure patient safety!"Joanne's Good Catch occurred when she noticed an unfamiliar order for a patient that was scheduled to be discharged to a rehab facility. Upon review of the form, she noticed that it said 'Cardiac Event Monitor - MCT hookup' - of which she was not familiar with since it is not common on the Orthopedic floor. Most nurses would have totally missed this order and sent the patient on their way but Joanne was able to escalate this to the charge nurse and find the right people so that the patient was able to receive the cardiac monitor prior to discharge. Please accept this certificate and pin as a token of our sincere gratitude for your leadership and dedication to caring for our patients, their loved ones, and each other." -Hospital President and Manager of Patient Safety

June 4, 2020
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