They Got Your Back - #ThankfulThursday

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On May 11, 2016 Jamie Fox, one of our hardworking Employee Support Specialists, received the email shown below. We wanted to share it with our entire PassportUSA audience to encourage them to take hold of their American dream. It reads . . .

Hi Jamie!It has been a great opportunity working with PassportUSA/Health Carousel LLC. I will be forever thankful for the trust that you have given me, most especially for the past 1 year and 6 months that I've been with the family. To Ms. Jamie Fox, thank you for being there and always ready to support and give a helping hand. To Ms. Katie Glaser, thank you for trusting in my abilities. For all the staff of the great company, I thank you,� for without you and all the help you that have shown from my first application up to the transition, I wouldn't be here in the US and fulfilling my dreams as a professional. It wouldn't be possible without you guys.Dreams do com
jeffrey chua
e true with endless prayers and excellent people who have the abilities, capabilities and knowledge to support you all the way. I have learned to believe in myself and have a positive outlook in life. Living away from my family is a great sacrifice but I have found a second home in the persona of the company who is always there to support. I also want to commend the great staff of Health Carousel Philippines. To all of you, I deeply appreciate all the help that you have shown. I would highly recommend PassportUSA/Health Carousel LLC to all of my friends and people who are planning to pursue their dreams and work here in the US.To the future applicants who are in line in pursuing their goals and dreams, you didn't make a bad choice. It is not easy but they got your back! Just be patient and continue praying and everything will happen.Once again, in behalf of my family as well, thank you, thank you very much. Two thumbs up! More power to PPUSA/HCLLC-Jeff
Start Your American Dream
August 21, 2020
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