PassportUSA: Grateful This Thanksgiving

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The office employees at PassportUSA take great pride in their jobs to assist candidates who want to reach their #AmericanDream.With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up next week, these are some aspects that our employees are grateful for:

Amanda, Licensing Specialist

I am grateful for PassportUSA because our team is like a second family. We are very close and we support each other.What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? As kids, my mom and my aunts would take photos of us on the stairs together. Now as adults we still take our annual stair photos. We also take pictures of our kids on those same stairs to see how they have grown.What else are you thankful for this holiday season? I am thankful for having the whole family together. We rarely get everyone in the same place at once so it will be nice to have everyone under the same roof again.

Brooks, International Program Associate

Erica, Associate Director of International Recruitment and Programs

I am grateful for PassportUSA because our mission is about helping people! I am beyond grateful that I get the opportunity to have a career where I am able to help people outside of America fulfill their dream which ultimately helps improve healthcare in America!What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is helping my family cook a delicious, traditional, American Thanksgiving meal and sharing it with each other to celebrate all we have to be grateful for.What else are you thankful for this holiday season? I am thankful for my two sons: Jackson, who is 12 years old, and Ryder, who is 10 years old. I am also thankful for the rest of my family and friends!

Kayla, International Deployment Advocate

Anne, Senior Credentialing Specialist

I am grateful for PassportUSA because I have the opportunity to work with the support of a wonderful team doing something important and meaningful. Our mission not only has a positive impact on the healthcare professionals we assist in immigrating to this country; it also builds and improves our healthcare system so these wonderful professionals help save the lives of patients who desperately need their care. I love what I do and am incredibly grateful to have my career here at PassportUSA!What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? I love to cook. I prepare Thanksgiving dinner each year for my family, I love contributing to potlucks, and baking desserts to share with my family and friends.What else are you thankful for this holiday season? I am thankful for great friends surrounding me, my awesome brothers, my furry pal Bernard, and the magic that is cold brew coffee.

We want to know what our readers are grateful for about PassportUSA! Leave a comment below about why you are #GratefulForPassportUSA.

If you are a registered nurse wishing to have future Thanksgiving celebrations in the USA, apply for PassportUSA today and we will send you relevant information to start your #AmericanDream.

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August 21, 2020
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