PassportUSA Healthcare Heroes During COVID-19

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In light of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are highlighting our PassportUSA fearless nurses that are currently on the frontlines.

Our healthcare professionals are the true heroes and remind us of our greater purpose: to improve lives and make healthcare work better.

PassportUSA Global Ambassador, To-ye, is originally from the Philippines and is currently working in the ICU at a West Virginia hospital. He has picked up more shifts at the hospital and just finished his seventh night shift in a row. He is proud to serve patients in their time of need.

Our international nurses choose to make some enormous life changes to follow their professional dream of being a USRN. It takes true grit to move your life to a foreign place that speaks your non-native tongue, especially without family or friends nearby.Erienne is from the Philippines and has been working as an RN in Illinois for almost a year. Despite many obstacles because of the closures of restaurants, bars, and more due to the current healthcare crisis, Erienne was creative and invented different ways to connect and provide insight and crucial resources to PassportUSA's newest Illinois RN, Kim. Erienne gave pointers on how to create credit as a new US resident, how to purchase car insurance, referred Kim's husband to job opportunities, recommended local grocery stores, and treated them to a meal!Check out Erienne (on the right) who ordered some American classics like Papa Johns and KFC for Kim and her husband! It was such a treat to see that the current obstacles did not stop Erienne from assisting Kim and her husband to have a successful start to their transition in the US. Erienne showed a true spirit of nursing, caring for others even when not on the job at her local hospital!

Deanna is from the Philippines and has been working in Georgia for over 3 years. She is courageously treating suspected COVID-19 patients and would like to thank everyone for the support!

Thank you to all healthcare professionals who are currently helping others in this time of crisis. You are true healthcare heroes!

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July 22, 2020
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