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My experience with iNurse and Health Carousel was superb. The company helped me on my review for NCLEX by decreasing the stress of filing for NCLEX. Also, since I am on the iNurse Sponsorship program, the expenses for the NCLEX is not a matter for me. Before the exam, Health Carousel provided me with review materials and let me focus on my review while they process my papers for my NCLEX application. Few weeks before the exam, Health Carousel asked me for my preferred examination dates and occasionally ask me about how was my review. During the exam, I was nervous and confident at the same time because I know I prepared for this. After I sit down in front of the computer, there is a practice question that I think helped me lot because it relieves a bit of my anxiety. While taking the exam, I treated it like I'm just reviewing. After the 75th question, an indicator popped up saying that the exam has ended. As I walked out of the building, anxiety started to increase and the wait for the result has started. The day after the exam, Health Carousel asked me how my exam went and that they are with me in praying for a passed result 3 days after, the result came out and fortunately, I passed the NCLEX!

July 24, 2019
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