Helpful training - Antonette, RN

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The "Practice-to-transition" training is helpful as the test themselves are applicable to the actual and current nursing practice. Each module is very well discussed and narrated. I enjoyed learning the clinical simulation but also feel anxious knowing that if I made a detrimental decision, my patient will deteriorate and my session will be cut off, thus I will need to take the exam again. It took me 2 months to complete the program but had I managed my time wisely, I would have been able to complete it earlier than the given time. So it is really important to set a study time each week for a certain module.I highly recommend the training program to other candidates for it will offer them great learning experience online. Their website system is working well and it also worked on my iPhone which is more convenient than using the laptop. The training helps me gain more confidence in dealing with different scenarios and cases mainly on adult medical and surgical management which I am not currently exposed. It was a nice experience too that my coach was understanding who really motivated me. The lessons I have learned will definitely guide me in rendering safe and quality patient care.Thank you

July 24, 2019
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