Very helpful in transitioning to US Healthcare - John Ardy

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When I heard the news that I have to undergo a program to help my transition to the US healthcare setting with ease, particularly in the emergency department, I was really excited to work on it immediately, even though; my working schedule was very hectic before. Perhaps, I had that ecstatic feeling because I believed that this course will be very helpful for me when the time comes that I have to practice in the US.To begin with, I gained several nursing knowledge during the process of completing this class. One of which was that it made me more competent when it comes to the clinical aspect of taking care of people when the crisis arises by increasing my lore in airway management, emergency procedures and many more. Another one would be the presence of simulations where I managed to pull through as a proficient team leader or manager. It made me comfortable in dealing with several situations where my leadership skills were put to the test and at the same time being enhanced as I advanced through the simulation. Lastly, I can say that with this program, I am confident in dealing with my clients in a therapeutic way. I believe that with this class, it boosted my ability to connect with people through an efficient and therapeutic way of communication which tends to offer the best possible quality of care.The program was very comprehensive and specific at the same time. The tests of ability with this course, which were the pre-tests and post-tests, offered reviews after them and mainly consists of several chapters to check for the missed items during the examination. In addition to that, the main content was extremely in-depth. I can, therefore, say that a lot of time and effort was essential to finish this class. Due to the facts, I stated above, I was able to complete this entire program in almost three months.To put all matters in a nutshell, this Online Transition-to-Practice ICU/ED/CCU Program is a beneficial tool to hopefully ease the gap when transitioning from the setting I practiced and to the country where I will soon work, which is in the United States of America. With this in mind, I am totally recommending this course to other candidates, without a doubt, for the reason that it will make us fulfill our roles as globally competitive nurses.

July 25, 2019
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