Exceeded the Required Band Score - Elsie

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"Since English is not my native language, I seldom communicated with people in my country in English. Luckily I was enrolled in the PassportUSA Road to IELTS program. With the help of my IPA, Julia, she assisted me all throughout my exam preparation. She considered different factors on how I can effectively comply with my study schedule with the aim of hitting the target band score. She gave me options for which kind of review would be effective for me, like enrolling in a in-person class in my city or taking an online course to fit with my personal schedule.PassportUSA has the best online program. Their IPAs are there to support you to stay on track with your studying, and you can easily talk to them as a friend to whom you can trust your dreams with. They even have their own in-house IELTS Manager that will grade your writing tasks and provide proper feedback on how to improve. They gave me confidence as my examination day approached. After the exam, I was so happy to inform PassportUSA that while I reached the target band score, I also exceeded the required band score! Thank you!"PROFESSION:�Registered NurseCANDIDATE NAME: Elsie

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June 4, 2019
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