Introducing the 2022 PassportUSA Global Ambassadors

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As we introduce the new PassportUSA Global Ambassador program, it's important to recall the PassportUSA higher purpose; to improve lives and make healthcare work better.

Watch this video to learn more from our internal managers:

As you learned in the video, we ALL play an important part in achieving our higher purpose.

And we are constantly seeking and applying feedback to best serve our internal employees, healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities (clients), and their patients. The Global Ambassador program is an example of this.

Our Global Ambassador program is comprised of PassportUSA healthcare professionals who are passionate about helping other international nurses in their journey to the USA and ensuring others have a great experience with our program. Each Global Ambassador is currently living and working as a healthcare professional in the USA and contributes ideas and feedback about the PassportUSA program on a monthly basis.

Meet the PassportUSA Global Ambassadors

Alta Grace, RN -
  • Country of Origin: Philippines
  • Improving Lives In: Oklahoma
Ambika, RN -
  • Country of Origin: Nepal
  • Improving Lives In: Texas
Cathrene, RN -
  • Country of Origin: Zimbabwe
  • Improving Lives In: Minnesota
Guada, RN -
  • Country of Origin: Philippines
  • Improving Lives In: South Dakota
Mary, RN -
  • Country of Origin: Philippines
  • Improving Lives In: North Dakota
Ron, RN -
  • Country of Origin: Philippines
  • Improving Lives In: South Carolina

Left to Right: Guada, Ron, Alta Grace, Mary, Cathrene & Ambika (not pictured: Aida)

Second Annual Global Ambassador Event

Our PassportUSA Global Ambassadors visited our offices this week to go behind the scenes of PassportUSA processes and meet our team.

They also participated in a Facebook LIVE event to offer first-hand advice on how to prepare for your arrival and a new career in the United States. Listen below to learn more about transportation, clinical preparedness, housing, post-arrival acculturation, and more!

Several internal PassportUSA employees took our Global Ambassadors bowling in Newport, KY (just across the Ohio river from Cincinnati)
Our Global Ambassadors preparing to go LIVE on Facebook with the support of our CEO, John Sebastian, Board Chairman, Bill DeVille and COO, Erik Schumann
Several Global Ambassadors with PassportUSA internal employees
March 28, 2022
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