June 2016 Nurse #EmployeeOfTheMonth - Aura

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We are hereby proud to announce, that the winner of June's 2016 Nurse of The Month contest is Aura R.!! Congrats to Aura�as she will enjoy a spotlight on both our Facebook and website! She will also receive the winner's certificate for this month, bragging rights and a gift!Aura is a Registered Nurse who has been with PassportUSA for 6 months. Her specialty Medical-Surgical Care Nursing.� She was born in Lianga Bay Surigao Del Sur, Philippines. Currently, she is assigned to the west central Texas area.When we asked Aura what she considered to be her favorite part of working for PPUSA, she stated:The best part of working in PPUSA is the ceaseless effort of providing support, guidance and attending my needs not only in terms of professional growth but also with my family and personal was the best part that an employer can extend to their employees. Thank you very much as well for giving me a career specialist who always give her time and effort to attend to my queries and needs. I truly and sincerely appreciate how you give value to us. I thank God for bringing me under the care of PassportUSA, it was truly a blessing. You serve as an inspiration and motivation to work harder and strive to be the best I can be as a health care professional.�Employee:�AuraFrom:�PhilippinesTime Working for PassportUSA:�6 MonthsOccupation: Registered NurseLocation: TexasWe would also like to take the time to again congratulate our runner-ups for the month of�June:�Opeyemi A., Rey S., Godeleine P.�You each did an outstanding job and please keep up the good work!! We hope to see you on the�list of nominees again soon!

November 8, 2019
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